spring weekly menu plans

Menu planning ideas and lunch box ideas for Spring 2022

Spring weekly menu plans

A little late posting this because I was a little late getting around to planning for the month. It then took me longer to get them into this post as I broke my computer screen at the start of the week! These weekly menu plans cover September and a little of October. The plans are listed below and include a shopping list you can use.

These plans are by no means the perfect example of a weekly dinner meal plan for a family but they are what works for us. You will notice that a number of meals are repeated across the weeks and there is nothing very fancy on the plans. Some meals could definitely do with some more veggies in them and often I add a plate of cut-up veggies (carrots, cucumber, capsicum etc) to the middle of the table and let the kids eat them by the handful.

And as a couple of people pointed out last month, it could do with more fish-based meals and more vegetarian meals. I share our plans as an example only. You need to cater for your family in a way that works for you! It is worth keeping in mind that these plans only show one meal of the day too :).

If you are after more information on the process I use for menu planning, you can find it in this menu planning post. It also has a free template you can download.

Spring menu plan week 1 – Mon 12th Sep 2022

honey roasted lamb shoulder DSC01873
MondayBaked penne pasta
Pumpkin soup
TuesdaySlow cooker beef stroganoff
WednesdaySlow cooker roast beef
ThursdayChicken, cashew and ginger stir fry
FridayPan Fried Fish and Salad
SaturdaySweet chilli chicken wraps
SundayMarinated steak and garlic mash
Shopping ListPWK Spring Menu Plan Week 1

Spring menu plan week 2 – Mon 19th Sep 2022

Dukkah crusted salmon DSC03323
MondayShepherd’s pie
Green veggies
TuesdayZucchini and Spaghetti Bolognese
WednesdayEasy Roast Chicken With Stuffing
ThursdayFried rice
Pumpkin soup
FridayDukkah crusted salmon with crunchy potatoes
and garlic spinach
SaturdayHomemade Tacos
SundayLamb chops and vegetables
Shopping ListPWK Spring Menu Plan Week 2

Spring menu plan week 3 – Mon 26th Sep 2022

paleo satay DSC02506
TuesdaySlow Cooker Satay
WednesdaySlow cooker shredded beef and rocket salad
Sweet potato gratin
ThursdayFried rice
FridaySausage and Salad
SaturdaySang choy bow
SundayHome made hamburgers and salad
Shopping ListPWK Spring Menu Plan Week 3

Spring menu plan week 4 – Mon 3rd Oct 2022

Slow cooker chicken tacos DSC06872
MondayChicken schnitzel and vegetables
TuesdaySlow cooker chicken tacos
WednesdayHoney roasted lamb shoulder
ThursdayChicken Wings, Baked Potatoes and Corn
FridayZucchini and Spaghetti Bolognese
SaturdayHomemade Tacos
SundayLamb chops and vegetables
Shopping listPWK Spring Menu Plan Week 4

Lunch box ideas

Savoury and sweet lunch box ideas spring

To make my weekdays easier for many years I have spent time in the kitchen on the weekends prepping and cooking food for the week. During the school term, I share photos and links of the recipes I cook up during my weekly food prep sessions on Facebook using the hashtag #pwkweeklyprep which you can see here.

Even if you don’t want to do the extensive type of food prep I do, it is so beneficial to at least make a couple of things to make your life easier during the week like a sweet and savoury item for the kids’ lunch boxes. If you would like to get into the meal prep thing, but do not quite know where to start, check out my short e-course Meal Prep Primer.

Meal Prep Primer teaches you my process and gives you three weeks of plans to follow to help you establish the habit. It has helped 100s of women make their weekdays easier by doing some meal prep on the weekend.

Sweet lunch box ideas

Savoury lunch box ideas

Have you created menu plans for September?