Nicole Avery - Planning Queen
Nicole Avery is the master organiser behind the popular parenting blog – that’s me! I have been blogging at Planning with Kids for over 4 years now and it is where I shares tips and tricks to organising the chaos of family life.

My first book, Planning with Kids, was released in May 2011 by Wright Books. The blog now attracts over 100,000 unique visitors a month.

As well as blogging I am also a sought after speaker on areas from blogging and social media to home organisation and planning. I also undertake freelance writing for both parenting websites and for brands. You can see more about this on my “Hire Me” page.

My main job though, is mum to five beautiful kids aged 14 to 4 who keep me entertained away from the computer and provide constant inspiration for my blogging. We have four boys – 14, 12, 7 and 4. Our only daughter, aged 9, is right in the middle.

While I am not a perfectionist I really do like having things sorted -I find mess and disorganisation stressful. Planning is a safety blanket for me. Planning for the known components of family life means I can cope so much better with the unknowns that family life constantly throws up at you – preschooler tantrums, sibling fighting, testy teenagers and all sorts of other fun!

I am slightly addicted to spreadsheets, running and CrossFit. I was up until June this year addicted to Diet Coke, but have now kicked that habit and am a lover of tea. I am currently on a journey to improve my diet and have eliminated processed foods, grains, refined sugars and am eating as clean as possible. My focus is on eating whole foods that nourish and allow me perform well at the physical activities I pursue, as well as my daily life.  I am bringing my family along with me in this journey, but they are still eating grains, pasta, rice etc – it is a work in progress, but this year we have all started eating better!

If you are looking for a place to investigate the blog further, head to my Where To Start page. It will give you a taste of what I write about here and what readers have liked!

Photo by the wonderful Bek from Little Red Photography.

The Planning With Kids Book

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Guest Posts and Blog Tours

Due to the volume of requests, I am no longer accepting guest posts on Planning With Kids, nor am I available to participate in Blog Tours. Guest posts will appear on Planning With Kids, as I reach out to bloggers to post on topics to compliment current content.

Text link and link exchanges

I do not participate in either text link campaigns or link exchanges.

Reader Emails

I get lots of lovely emails from readers asking questions and wanting to know more about me and the blog. I do read all correspondence but in my endeavour to find some balance with blogging and family life, I am not always able to respond individually to each email. If you have a question you can email me via or the contact form. In the meantime here are some answers to frequently asked questions:

Is your house perfectly organised?

Never! I gave up aiming for perfection in the house years ago. I have a level of tidiness and cleanliness that I need to be able to function, but there is always stuff somewhere in my house needing tidying and cleaning. I find playing with the kids much more interesting than cleaning.

How do I find time to blog?

I take a very planned approach to blogging. I have a content plan for at least the next six months at least, so I know what I am writing about in advance. Quite often they are written in my head before they are written on the Mac! I batch write my posts on weekends when my husband is home to care for the kids. I then work at night and around kids sleep times.

I watch almost no TV. This isn’t a philosophical decision – it is a time management issue. When most people are watching TV, I am doing bloggy stuff like responding to emails, tweeting etc. I don’t mind missing TV as I really love blogging.

Do my kids fight?

YES! And sometimes it drives me crazy. But they do get on pretty well. The older two boys tend to do lots together and then numbers 3, 4 and 5 play together.

What did I do before I had kids?

I went to University and completed a Bachelor of Business (Finance). For the majority of my adult life I worked for a large Australian Telecommunications Company. I held a number of different roles within the organisation, including but not limited to: Regional Performance Manager, Call Centre Manager and Project Manager. I went back to work between son number one and son number two. After number two was born in 2001, I decided the corporate gig was no longer for me and have been at home ever since.

Why do I blog about this stuff?

Planning has helped keep our life harmonious and enjoyable. This is my attempt to share some of the things we do in our daily life. Hopefully these posts provide some ideas to other families or stimulus for reflection on what you are doing in your life.

Do the kids know I blog about them?

With the kids who are at school, I will always tell them about my idea for a post if it involves them. Mostly they are okay with me to post, but there has been times when I haven’t gone ahead with a post because one of the kids, hasn’t comfortable with it.

Is it okay to link to your blog?

Of course! I love it if you share my work – thanks.

Can I use your photos?

Yes, providing there is a link back to Planning With Kids.

What I am not!

Please note I am not a nutritionist, teacher, counsellor, child behaviour specialist nor am I perfect! All the information presented on the blog is published in good faith however, it is for information purposes only. If you have specific issues to your family that are a worry or problem for you, please seek professional help.