Planning With KIds

Planning With Kids is a parenting book with a difference. Its emphasis is not on telling you how to parent, but to show ways you can become organised to leave more time for parenting. The book is published by Wright Books and will be available in book stores from May 1, 2011.

The philosophy is to streamline the known repetitive tasks of family life (eating, cleaning, getting ready for school etc), so you can then better manage the unpredictable but the inevitable (sick kids, fighting, tantrums etc).

In the book I share simple ways that you can plan your family life to take the stress out of parenting and running a household: just a little bit of planning can leave more time to spend having fun with the kids, having timeout for yourself, and having time for things to go wrong.

The book is written so you don’t need to read it in its entirety to derive any benefit, you can read one chapter, then work on the list of actions to take at the end and make a difference to the way your daily family life runs.


The Planning With Kids Book is currently on sale – $10 off until Monday 17th February 2013.

The prices at the check out have been reduced already, so for Australians that means you can now have the book signed and sent to you for only $20 (this includes postage). The international prices have also been reduced by $10. The  prices you see in the drop down menu below are the sale prices, including postage.


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Planning With Kids is available from most bookstores and BIG W. If you order via the blog, you will receive a signed copy. International prices are higher than I would like unfortunately, but that is due to the postage costs. If you are in a country/region that isn’t listed please email me and I can let you know the price.

What are readers saying about Planning With Kids?

Wow. And more Wow. I borrowed the book out from my library being a cheapskate who likes to read hundreds of books on marriage, parenting & life (and I’ve only got room in my tiny townhouse for one bookshelf, so I have to be choosey about what I buy!).

15 pages in and I’m already racing to your website to buy. I NEED this book! I’ve already tried out a few tips and my afternoon was a lot smoother.

Thanks for a really fantastic book and a really well done website.


Just a quick note to say how much I have enjoyed your book. I am not naturally very good at planning with my family, but over the years have HAD to learn how. Your book has loads and loads of good advice, great ideas, and a really warm, relaxed style of writing that is all about encouragement. Thanks x

Seana Smith

Hi Nicole

Just a quick note to say I am so excited to have discovered your website and book. I found out about it through Jodie Beneviste’s Parent Wellbeing Newsletter. I am participating in her online Parent Wellbeing book group.

I am a Children’s and Families Librarian in Adelaide, SA and I was curious about the Planning with kids book so I ordered for the library. The library’s copy arrived today and I fell in love with it instantly so I went online just then and purchased my very own maybe even signed copy!


Hi Your book is a lifesaver i have read it twice and am starting to put your ideas into place. My anxiety levels were getting rather high before i discovered you. I have a 14mth and 3yr old and husband who does nothing at home or with the kids so i am trying my very best everyday to be superwoman and to remain happy and positive. Thank you for all the book suggestions – i borrow everyone from the library and read, and other bloggers (is that what they are called?) i click on all links and have found some i look at regularly. So a HUGE thank you for all your helpful tips and ideas it has helped me put into perspective how hard being a mum is (and that i really am doing well) and to live in the now not the past. I so look forward to reading your emails thats something for me each day.

Thanks once again, cant wait for your next book.
Name provided

Hi Nicole, Thanks for putting together such a great book and sending out great ideas in your newsletters. I began subscribing to your email newsletter when I read about you in the age a couple of years ago in an article about big families. I have 4 kids. I have found lots of your planning tips helpful in organising the family. The extra books are for presents. Thanks again,

Gillian (who purchased 3 extra copies of the book!)

Hi Nicole,

I love the book! I am sorry it has taken me a month to reply to you, but I wanted to read your book cover to cover first. Your book has helped me to make several key changes to the way our family is organised. Your monthly meal planning template is pinned to the notice board, with June’s meals penciled in! I really love that!

I especially loved the chapter that you have devoted to mums. I am very good at looking after the rest of the family, but I often fall off the to-do list myself (terrible case of the burnt chop!). I have felt inspired to make sure this stops happening and have blocked away time for me. I am now spending all day Thursday studying a Print & Graphic Arts Multimedia course – which I am loving!

I am also grateful for your words of wisdom around Christmas prep. I still can’t believe how tired I was on Christmas Day last year. I am planning to have a much more organized and rested Christmas this year! Better get to work in July!

Congratulations on your book – it is a tremendous achievement. Thank you for sharing details of your family life – your words have inspired me.

Kind regards,

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