Lunch box ideas you can freeze

I am still thoroughly enjoying school holidays, but am starting to make some small steps to become organised for the start of the school year.

So far I have cleaned up all the school gear, purchased new school shoes and runners and have begun stocking up the freezer with some lunch box items. (You can see my back to school check list here if you are wanting to get off to a flying start to the school year.)

Below are recipes on the blog that you can make ahead and freeze. Getting everyone back into routine at the start of the school year can be challenging, especially if you have had time off work as well. Having some lunch box items in the freezer can just take the pressure off the first few weeks as everyone is adjusting back to their old routines or new ones if you have new starts this year.

Choc banana muffins (gluten, dairy and nut free)

Choc banana muffins (GF)

gluten free meatballs main

Chicken meatballs (GF)

Sweet potato and zucchini fritters

Sweet potato and zucchini fritters (GF)


Savoury egg muffins (GF)

kangaroo burgers main.jpg

Kangaroo burgers (GF)

Frozen oranges snack for the school lunch box.jpg Frozen oranges (GF)

Home Made Egg-and-bacon-muffins.jpg Lunch box egg and bacon muffins

easy mini lasagnes Mini lasagnes

mini-oven-baked-burgers-540-530x353.jpg Oven baked mini burgers

No Bake Lemon Balls No bake lemon and coconut balls

Chicken and Rice Patties Chicken and rice patties

Quinoa Lunch Box Muffins Quinoa lunch box mini muffins


100 biscuit recipe (with instructions on how to freeze the dough before cooking)

Quinoa Snack Balls Quinoa snack balls

Yogurt-Dip-and-Beef-Meatballs Beef meatballs

Lemon-and-Poppy-Seed-Biscuits Lemon and poppy seed biscuits (freeze the dough using instructions here)

Simple-Tart-Recipes Simple tart recipes

Zucchini-and-Pasta-Slice Zucchini and pasta slice

homemade pasties.jpg Homemade pasties

chocolate-balls-recipe Chocolate balls

easy-zucchini-slice Zucchini slice

Have you started getting ready for back to school yet?