21 savoury kids’ lunch box recipes

As I have been creating new lunch box recipes for the 2015 Family Planner Lunch Box Calendar, I have been delving into the stats of the blog to see which recipes have been the most popular on the blog over the last six and a half years, in terms of the number of times the posts have been seen.

I have come up with two lists to share on the blog; the 21 most popular savoury kids’ lunch box recipes which you can find below and the 21 most popular savoury kids’ lunch box recipes which I will share later this week.

If you are after more ideas and tips on preparing food for the kids lunches, then check out my meal prep process.


Savoury tarts


Zucchini slice

chicken balls 1 540

Chicken balls

Chicken and Rice Patties

Chicken and rice patties


Oven baked chicken nuggets


Traffic light sandwiches

homemade pasties.jpg

Homemade pasties


Kid friendly rice paper rolls

gluten free meatballs main

Gluten free chicken meatballs


Ham and cheese scrolls


Zucchini and pasta slice

left over taco parcels

Taco parcels


Homemade hamburgers


Quick egg and bacon tarts


Homemade pizza


Sausage rolls


Gluten free egg muffins

Home Made Egg-and-bacon-muffins.jpg

Egg and bacon muffins

easy mini lasagnes

Mini lasagnes

English Muffin Pizzas

English muffin pizzas

 Have you cooked any of these recipes? If so which was your favourite?

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