Oat and seed balls

oat and seed balls

The kids return to school at the end of this week and I return to making food for the lunch boxes! It has certainly been a nice break from the regular routine. These school lunch box friendly balls have the lovely sweetness of honey and are packed with goodness from the oats and seeds. I … [Read more...]

Balancing the needs of the kids

Balancing the needs of the kids

As with a number of posts recently, this topic today is inspired by feedback from the blog annual survey. In the section of the survey where I asked readers if they had a question for me, there were a number of questions around the theme of balancing the kids' needs, like this: How do you … [Read more...]

Is it possible for kids to contribute to the housework without being reminded?

kids and cleaning

There were a number of questions around getting kids contributing to the workload around the house. And I loved this one: Will my 4 & 6 year olds ever get ready and do their chores without being reminded 10 times? Last year I outlined the framework I used to allocate household tasks to the … [Read more...]