Three steps to a more creative home


Creativity has been a core part of my single goal for 2016. Fostering creativity in kids is something that I feel passionately about so when Mia Northrop from riddle and Chance asked me if this is something I would like a post on for this blog, I said yes without a hesitation. I truly believe … [Read more...]

this family life episode 30: on strategies to make it through the festive season with your sanity


This is the last episode for the year and then the this family life podcast is going to take a break. I have very much loved doing the podcast, but I need to see how the time needed to put the podcast together will fit into my work schedule for next year. Thanks so very much to everyone who … [Read more...]

Tips for helping kids with travel sickness


This post is answering a reader question from last year’s survey. You can see more of my answers to reader questions here. If you would like to ask me a question to answer on the blog, you can leave me one in this year's survey here and I will do my best to answer it. *********** "I just read the … [Read more...]