create a christmas wrapping station

Create a Christmas wrapping station

Create a Christmas wrapping station

Our Christmas wrapping station is all ready to go for Christmas 2023. I found this Christmas paper you can see in the photo above and it helped me choose a Scandinavian Christmas Theme for this year. I ordered the paper, gift tags and some ribbons online. I already had some left over ribbons and belli-bands that I can use (well mainly my daughter as she is the chief gift wrapper at our place) so didn’t need to order as much this year.

Create a Christmas wrapping station

In the Christmas wrapping station, we include:

  • scissors
  • tape
  • ribbon
  • belli-bands
  • pens
  • fine liners / textas
  • gift tags
  • and of course the Christmas wrapping paper!

Having everything in one place makes the task of wrapping Christmas gifts so much easier. It also means if you have a shoe box like we do to contain ribbons etc things don’t get misplaced over the year and you can see what you have before you buy anything new.

how  to Create a Christmas wrapping station

Of course, you don’t need to buy anything to wrap your Christmas presents if you prefer not to. This post on the blog has some excellent thrifty and eco friendly gift wrapping options for Christmas. And if you are into DIY check out this post on Upcycled Christmas gift tags. I have also collated some more gift wrapping ideas for you below:

And if you are really into your DIY, Bunnings has a tutorial on how you can create a Christmas wrapping station which is next level!

Do you create a Christmas wrapping station?

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