Christmas menu planning 2023

Christmas menu planning 2023

Christmas menu planning 2023

With only a month or so until Christmas now is a great time to start thinking about your Christmas menu plan for 2023. Why start planning so early I hear you ask? Because it will make your life easier over the next month if you do! Starting your Christmas menu planning now means:

  • You can space out the workload if you are hosting Christmas this year. Many of the menu plans below have sections where they list off what you can do 4 weeks out, 2 weeks out, 1 week out etc.
  • Choosing a Christmas menu plan now that works for you means you can spend a small amount of time up front but then you can just check the list weekly to see what you need to do and set about doing the work. At this super busy time of the year, you won’t have to think about what needs to be done as you have already sorted that. It saves you a significant amount of mental energy.
  • You can delegate tasks easily with advance notice to others. It is much easier to get the help of others when there aren’t time pressures.
  • The more time you have, the more considered your purchases can be. You have time to place orders, search for the best value and don’t have to pay more because you have run out of time and options.

A Menu Plan for a Christmas Afternoon Tea

I am hosting an extended family Christmas afternoon tea this year. I haven’t seen some of these beautiful people since before COVID so it is long overdue. I decided to make it an afternoon tea so as to keep the workload down for me. Below is what I have planned and there is an emphasis on items that I can do some preparation work for in the days leading up to it. The preparation plan will look like this for the Sunday Christmas afternoon tea:

  • Wednesday evening – make ice cream cake and choc peppermint bliss balls
  • Friday evening – make rocky road
  • Saturday – prepare veggies for sushi, prepare chicken mix for sandwiches, make salad but keep dressing separate, make popcorn
  • Sunday morning – make sushi, make sandwiches, mix and portion out salad, make probiotic punch
Christmas menu planning 2023 - chicken sandwiches

Chicken Sandwiches – we all have those recipes that are most requested of us and this would be in my top 3 and for some members of my family it wouldn’t be Christmas without these sandwiches!

Christmas menu planning 2023 - sushi

Sushi – this is a great option for a Christmas finger food as you can make it gluten free, dairy free and meat free if you need to cater to those who have dietary preferences. Just choose the fillings that will work best for your guests.

Christmas menu planning 2023 - individual salads

Salad boats – are also a great option if you have to cater to dietary preferences. I used this vegan mixed grain salad recipe in the photo but you could serve many different types of salads this way as a finger food option.

probiotic punch

Probiotic punch – this is like your standard punch but it has kombucha in it!

rocky road christmas

Rocky road – this is another recipe in my top 3 most requested. My dad said this is all he wants from Christmas from me – a big batch of my homemade rocky road!

choc peppermint bliss balls for christmas

Choc peppermint balls – these are for those like me who like a sweet treat but not the sugar bomb that is my rocky road!

christmas 2023 popcorn

Christmas popcorn – and this is something a little fun for the younger members of the family who will be attending.

christmas ice cream pudding 2023

Ice cream pudding – I am only making this as it is going to be a birthday cake for the eldest whose birthday is the next day!

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What does your Christmas Menu Plan for 2023 look like?

This post is part of the 2023 Christmas Planning series on the blog. You can find other posts in the series here including gift idea lists and planning checklists.