Probiotic punch

Probiotic punch

Probiotic punch
This is a simple punch recipe that has the added kick of kombucha. Kombucha is a fermented drink with probiotic qualities. I make my own, but you can buy it at many whole food / health stores. If you haven’t had kombucha before here are some articles you might like to read:

The punch is easy to make and requires only a handful of ingredients.
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I don’t own a punch bowl, so made it in a drink dispenser. The recipe makes 3.25 litres, so you need a container that is big enough to hold that much liquid.
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Adding the fresh fruit and mint is optional, but I think gives a lovely fresh flavour.
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Probiotic punch
  1. Add mineral water to your dispenser.
  2. Pour in the apple juice.
  3. Pour in the kombucha.
  4. Add fresh fruit and mint, ice if you wish for it to be very cold and serve.

Our Family Menu Plan For This Week

Repeating a previous menu plan, to help me cross the end of the term finish line this week!


Week Commencing 23rd November 2013

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