Christmas menu planning 2022

Christmas menu planning 2022

Christmas menu planning 2022

Have you started your Christmas menu planning for 2022 yet? I made a start this week as I scoured the internet for Christmas menu plans for this post! I love putting together a Christmas menu plan. Besides looking at all the delicious recipes, I love it because if you put some work in a few weeks out to plan out what you will eat on Christmas day, there is so much you can actually do in lead up to the big day that takes the pressure off and means you can be more present with everyone.

Free Christmas Menu Planning Guide

I realise however that not everyone loves Christmas menu planning, so I am again posting my free Christmas Menu Planning Guide that you can download if you prefer having something to follow. It contains three complete menu plans plus a one-page checklist of what you can make ahead and when plus a shopping list for the Christmas menu plan.

Each Christmas menu plan idea is quite different – there is Paleo, Greek and a more traditional easy Christmas menu plan idea. Click here or the button below to download your free Christmas menu planning guide!

Christmas menu planning for 2022

Here are some of the best Christmas menu plans I found for 2022.

myfoodbook – Budget Christmas Menu 2022 – I know many are looking to keep to a budget for Christmas 2022 which is the focus for this menu plan. It has a great selection of starters, mains and fun desserts. It also has a preparation time line allowing you to plan out the work across the week leading up to Christmas.

messy veggies – Australian Vegan Christmas Meal Plan – this is a lovely Australian Christmas menu in the vein of a traditional lunch just without the meat! It has a beautiful 20 page free download as well that has the full shopping list and all the recipes.

delicious – The day before Christmas menu planner – this is perfect if you prefer not to plan too far in advance. It has a great collections of fresh food recipes for starters, sides, mains and desserts. You can pick and choose on how you feeling closer to the day.

Taste – Express Christmas menu (no dish over 45 mins) – this menu plan looks delicious! It serves 6 and is designed to start at 1pm. It includes a time plan starting at 10.00am Christmas morning.

Taste – Made from scratch Christmas menu plan – for those that like to show off their cooking skills and create a Christmas feast entirely from scratch! Menu serves 6 and is designed to start at 1pm. It includes a time plan starting 3 days ahead.

Both major supermarkets have Christmas menu planners you can use to tailor a more personlised lunch for Christmas 2022:

Previous years Christmas menu planning ideas

If none of the above Christmas menu plans fit what you are wanting for Christmas 2022 then you might like to check out the previous years posts on Christmas menu planning.

If you know what you Christmas menu plan is going to look like for 2022 I would love to read it! Please share in the comments below.

This post is part of the 2022 Christmas Planning series on the blog. You can find other posts in the series here including gift idea lists and planning checklists.