Free 2023 Christmas expenditure tracker

Free 2023 Christmas expenditure tracker

Free 2023 Christmas expenditure tracker

For 2023 I have created a new and simpler Christmas expenditure tracker. While there isn’t a line for a budget in the spreadsheet, I am assuming you have set yourself a budget for how much you will spend this Christmas and you can work out how you are tracking against that. If you haven’t set a budget for how much you will spend this year, then sit down with the family and do that first.

The free 2023 Christmas expenditure tracker is a Google Sheet. Please read the instructions in the first column so you can make a copy and make your own changes to the document. You can find it here:

Free 2023 Christmas expenditure tracker – Google Sheet

I have created a video tour of the free 2023 Christmas expenditure tracker, so if you are new to Google Sheets watch this first and take note of which data not to delete (the totals towards the bottom).

It can be so easy to overspend at Christmas time and this is a time of year when I really need to watch myself. I do love buying gifts for others and trying to make Christmas day as fun as possible and if I am not careful that can lead to me spending more than what I need to. Tracking my expenditure keeps me honest. If I am not tracking what I am spending it is easy to be in denial about how quickly lots of small purchases add up to a huge total.

Tracking your expenditure doesn’t have to take the fun out of Christmas. It actually makes it more sustainable and I find I have to be more creative in my gift giving and entertaining when I stick to my budget. And of course, by staying within budget there are not the post Christmas spending blues to deal with either!

Have you set your budget for Christmas 2023 and started tracking your expenditure?

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