33 lessons from 25 years of parenting

33 lessons from 25 years of parenting

33 lessons from 25 years of parenting

I started writing on Planning With Kids all the way back on January 2, 2008. At that time we only had four kids aged 10, 7, 5, and 2. Our youngest was born a year and a bit later on January 22, 2009. Almost 16 years later the kids are now 25, 22, 20, 17, and almost 15. My life is so very different from when I started. And while the teenage years have their challenges, I still feel family life became easier for me as the kids grew older.

I often say there was a sweet spot when the eldest was 13 and the other kids were 11, 9, 6 and 3. If you have kids in that age range now, cherish those moments! But in all seriousness, every stage of family life has its challenges and moments to cherish. Sometimes we just have to look a little harder to find the cherished moments.

This is the last post I will write on Planning With Kids. And I write this with profound gratitude that you are still reading and for the tremendous opportunities this platform has provided for me and our family. It is also written with a fond sadness. Now is the right time for me to pivot all of my attention into Adapt Drinks. I am very much following my own advice – when you are working on a challenging goal, you need to have one single goal and give it all your time energy and attention. The last few months of growth on Adapt Drinks have been excellent and my business goal for 2024 has a huge growth target that needs my full attention.

The timing is also right to say goodbye to Planning With Kids. We only have two kids left in school and they are very independent in getting themselves organised and managing themselves. Yes, I very much still have a parenting role but it is very different from the primary school days. The beauty of putting in the hard yards in the earlier years with routines, organisation skills and time management means that your role changes as they get older and can do this for themselves.

The Planning With Kids website will stay online as a resource, so if you have a favourite recipe or post you like to go back and read, it will all still be here. I just won’t be adding any new content.

For this last post, I am going to share some tips, thoughts, philosophies, bits of advice I have received that have helped me with family life. A key thought I will discuss before I get to the list is that there is no one right way to parent. What I share below is what has worked for us. Throughout my parenting journey, I have been like a bower bird, I take some things that are shiny and appeal to me try them on and see how they go. If they fit well and work for us they stay. If they don’t, I discard them. I encourage you to do the same. DO NOT use this list as something to measure yourself on or compare yourself to. That is not its purpose. The list is a resource from which you can for pick and choose- mix and match!

And I have one last ask of you! If you have been reading for a while and have taken something I have shared and applied it with success in your family life, could you please share in the comments below? This would be a great reflection for me to read but it will also help others who find this post.

Thank you so much for reading, sharing and caring about Planning With Kids over the last 16 years. I know I am going to miss writing here and interacting with you. I wish you all the absolute best for you and your families in 2024 and beyond.



33 lessons from 25 years of parenting
  1. I noted this above but I have included it here in case you have skipped straight to the dot points. There is no one right way to parent. Every family is unique and you are unique. You need to parent in a way that suits you and your family. Test all the advice I have listed below on your family and stick only with what works for you.
  2. Parenting is not a competition. It however can be easy to get caught up in what other families are doing and focus only on what you are not doing. There most likely is a lot you are doing that others aren’t and you can’t see that. Don’t compete and don’t compare.
  3. Make decisions on how you live family life that works for you and your family. Make conscious decisions rather than just going with the flow so you don’t look back and wish things had been different. Something I remind myself of often is the saying which is attributed to Jerzy Gregorek. “Hard choices, easy life. Easy choices, hard life.” As a parent, we have to make lots of hard choices.
  4. This relates more to very little ones – it is only a problem if it is a problem for you. Take babies and sleep. If you are getting up many times at night to feed/settle your one year old and you are happy to do that, then don’t let others pressure you into taking action that doesn’t feel comfortable to you.
  5. Have kids do what they are capable of doing and adapt this as they grow and age. Kids are more capable than we often give them credit for. Think about what you want them to be able to do for themselves by the time they are in high school – make their lunch, get themselves to school, manage their homework etc and progressively teach them the skills to be able to do this. (Of course, they can do this much earlier, I am just using high school as a random benchmark.)
  6. Kids need to experience a full range of emotions – happiness, gratitude, pride, disappointment, failure, boredom etc. It is not our role to take the harder emotions away from them in every instant.
  7. Related to the above, we don’t always have to give our kids solutions when they come to us with their problems/issues. Most often they will just want us to listen. If you are not sure, a great question to ask is “Are looking for help with this problem or do you just want to talk about it?”.
  8. As tempting as it is to prevent negative consequences from the kids’ actions or inaction they will learn much more from experiencing the consequences of their behaviour. This is of course within reason of safety for themselves and others around them. But getting a detention at school, being late for school, or not having the right equipment at school are all survivable teaching moments.
  9. You don’t have to go to every game, concert, training session, class etc for your kids. If you want to go, then by all means go but don’t feel bad if you don’t. When we had five kids doing sports/after school activities if I could watch them play a couple of times each across the season that was a great result. They were fine with it. They knew I cared and took an interest. As they were in their senior years of high school, they would even get themselves to games if the logistics and schedules required it.
  10. Craft time out of your week to spend one on one time with the kids when they are little. It is an investment of your time that is so worth it.
  11. Admit when you are wrong. I have made so many mistakes in my parenting journey, some with the best of intentions, others because I have been too emotional or had my own biases. Regardless of the reason, when I have worked out I got it wrong, I have taken the time to sit down with the child in question and apologise. It means a lot to the kids and these moments are actually really bonding.

Family organisation

  1. Planning will always save you time and mental energy and if you think you are too busy to plan then you need planning the most! You can always change a plan once you have it but it is so much easier to start with a plan and adapt.
  2. Menu planning deserves its own point because it is so pivotal to family organisation. Whether you menu plan weekly or monthly, this is a key tool to help organise a key challenge of family organisation – feeding the family!
  3. Get kids helping around the house from a young age. Simple tasks like dusting, folding towels, etc can be done by very little kids. It is much easier to get a teenager to help around the house if they have been contributing since they were young. And it is not just about getting kids to do the work, this is where they learn the skills they will need to be independent – eg cleaning toilets, cooking meals, vacuuming, etc.
  4. Leave every room in a better place than when you entered it. Wipe a bench down, put an item back in its place, etc as you walk through a room if it needs it. These small tasks make a difference in how the house will look at the end of the day (this rule applies to any parents living at home too!).
  5. Have simple routines (morning, afterschool, evening etc) for the kids to follow from a young age and build on this as they age. Personal management and time management skills are a gift you can give to your kids and it will make your life easier too.
  6. Have a nightly routine that will prepare you for the next day. A chaos free morning starts the night before.
  7. Have a way of sharing family time commitments by sending calendar invites or using a shared calendar so both parents know what is happening.
  8. Use time blocking to get tasks done and use small blocks of time to help reduce procrastination if you need to. It is amazing what you can get done in 15 minutes. Use timers to help you. This is especially helpful if you have tasks you don’t like doing. You can do almost anything for 15 minutes!
  9. Make sure you have a home for everything. This doesn’t mean expensive storage systems but can be simple hooks, boxes, etc.
  10. If you have the budget to outsource tasks/buy gadgets to make family life easier so you can spend more time being with the family, rather than doing for the family then that is a great investment.
  11. Set up communication channels for the family – family meetings, chat groups etc so that issues can be calmly discussed, tasks delegated and so the kids also feel like they can raise issues as well.

Personal organisation

33 lessons from 25 years of parenting
  1. Set a goal for yourself every year. How challenging the goal is will depend on the stage of family life but working towards something for you is important.
  2. Make time for activities that are important to you. Have discussions with your partner and/or kids about how it can fit into the week/month and gain commitment from them so it can happen. Likewise, you can do this for your partner too. If it isn’t scheduled it is unlikely to happen by chance.
  3. Don’t be ruled by your feelings. For example, my feelings will tell me I don’t want to get up when it is dark, cold and early but I set the alarm and get my running gear out the night before so I am ready to go. When the alarm goes off, this isn’t time for listening to my feelings, it is time for action. I get up and get going. Getting up is the hardest part and I have never been on a run I have regretted.
  4. Simplify your wardrobe. This makes choosing clothes less time consuming and aesthetically it is calmer to have less.
  5. Allow more time than what you think you need. So often we only allocate the exact amount of time to get ready or get to a place based on a “perfect” previous experience. In family life, there is so often something extra and then there is traffic and parking! Add more preparation and journey time and you will find the process less stressful.
  6. Create white space in your calendar. Allow for time that is not scheduled for you (and the kids). We all need time to do “nothing”.
  7. Linked to the above when you are accepting calendar invites, appointments, etc for dates in the future, ask yourself if you had to do it tomorrow would you say yes? Often we say yes, leaving our future selves to have to deal with a task that our current self doesn’t want to do. If you don’t want to do it now, it is unlikely you will want to do it in the future and you should say no.
  8. Have an effective to-do list process. Random lists can generate more stress and less focus but a strategic to-do list is a tool that can help you be more productive and feel less overwhelmed.
  9. Have an information collection process – somewhere you keep the books you want to read, places you want to visit, ideas for kids’ birthday gifts etc. I am now using Notes on my iPhone for this but the software you use doesn’t matter, it is important to have one place that you find easy to use and access.
  10. Being productive is much more than just time management. We can be efficient in our time management, working on tasks in a very organised manner, but if those tasks are of low value or come at the expense of more important tasks, then we are not being productive.
  11. Don’t assume your partner/kids know what you expect from them. It is so much better for relationships if you make it clear through calm communication rather than martyring yourself.

Thank you again and I look forward to reading what your key takeaways from Planning With Kids have been.

PS. If you feel like would still like to read what I am writing about, I have a weekly newsletter for Adapt Drinks you might like to sign up to. Each week I send out a newsletter designed to help you nurture your best self – click here and head to the bottom of the website to sign up. x

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  1. Nicole, firstly I wanted to say the HUGEST thanks and a million gratitudes for the best newsletter I have ever subscribed to! over the years when I have unsubscribed to so many, I have never felt a need to unsubscribe to planning with kids. Even as my own kids have gotten older and more independent, all your newsletters contained some snippets of value to me, whether it was family organisation tips or a good podcast or article you shared.

    It is impossible for me to share just one bit of advice or tip I have gained from all your useful resources. However, if I had to choose one it would probably be meal planning. I have always planned my meals but your suggestions (and recipes) helped me refine my process. And it is exactly how you described – I took your suggestions and adapted them to make them work for my life and my family.

    During the week I add little notes to a weekly calendar reminder I have called “meal planning” – the notes may come from a recipe I saw that I what to try, a note about a meal I want to make using ingredients that are on special at the supermarket, or a special meal one of my kids have requested. Every Sunday I look at our week ahead and on a simple small square pieced of paper I write out our meals for the week (and sometimes include the weekend) and then create my shopping list accordingly. I stick this note on the fridge and the whole family can see the meals for the week. Sometimes it adds a bit of humour, like when one of my kids exclaims “I am not eating dinner on Wednesday”, to which I casually respond “suit yourself, don’t eat dinner on Wednesday”, or the time my daughter took my little piece of paper and crossed out each meal and replaced it with items like chocolate cake, ice cream with sprinkles and McDonalds!

    I think the key trick is to simplify things. So many people think they need an app or a special system to help organise their lives. Whilst some tools are certainly helpful, I think bringing things back to basics is key.

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  2. Thank you Nicole I have been reading Planning with kids from when it started. It always gave me food for thought and helped me to focus on what works and what battles to fight.
    Take care and good luck with Adapt Drinks.

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      Choosing your battles is so important – probably should have made it to the list above Marina. It is an important strategy at key points like toddlerhood and those teenager years. Thank you so much for reading. x

      1. Hi Nicole
        Thanks for all your valuable resources and effort looking into things so I didn’t have to. So many great suggestions that I could pick and choose from.
        I think I learned about routine planning the most and while not perfect, we manage and tweak.

        Appreciate the reminder about scheduling one on one time – last one to high school in 2024.

        You’re the best.

        Good luck with Adapt drinks.

  3. Thank you Nic. You have been such an important part of my parenting world to date. I have benefited from your generous advice and wisdom and am tremendously grateful that you have shared so much great information with us. I wish you and your family all the best. Cheers from Lulu.

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  4. Thanks Nic – I’ve loved reading your blogs, listening to your podcasts and following your planning course – I could really relate to some much of your commensense approach to parenting and planning. The very best to you and your family for the future. Cheers Sacha

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  5. Nicole, planning with kids and the podcast have got me through some profoundly tough days, parenting two under 5s and losing my own parent, ideas for the toddler years, the meal plans and the school years.

    We are over 9000 miles away in the cold North of the UK but your voice reached our family at a time when we needed it. I’m sure that PWK has had similar ripple effects across the world. Thank you!

    Looking forward to when you start to export Adapt drinks so we can have a taste. All good things to you and your family.

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      Kate, this is such a beautiful message to read and I love that PWK has reached across the seas. Thank you so much for your kind words. Wishing you a wonderful Christmas and fantastic 2024. x

  6. Thank you Nicole for sharing your parenting journey, and in doing so, helped so many of us immensely. I originally purchased a copy of your book when I was a frazzled first-time Mum with a toddler, struggling to juggle home, part-time work, parenting and maintaining a household. I can honestly say your tips and routines were a life-saver for me. I adapted so many of your ideas to what worked for my family and household, and became so much more organised and in-control. I’ve kept reading your content even though my little boys are now 16 years and 12 years! Thanks a million and I hope you realise how much you have helped and improved the lives of so many people!

    1. Post

      Thank you for being such a long term reader Maureen and I love that you adapted my ideas. This was always the goal for PWK – share info so others could then learn from it and set up the best systems that would for their families. Thanks for leaving this message. I have had a break over the summer hence the long delay in responding and I loved reading it.

  7. Thank you for everything you shared with us. So many things helped me and my family. I loved the morning/afternoon routines, meal planner, calendars, podcast and goal setting. I attended your workshop and met with you in person which was awesome! I am so excited to hear that your adapt drink business is going so well. Wishing you all the best. Thank you x

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      Thank you Sachi and I loved meeting you in person too. It was always a highlight for me to meet readers in person and chat. I appreciate you following along for so long. Thanks also for leaving this message. I have had a break over the summer hence the long delay in responding and I loved reading it.

  8. Really enjoyed this! Best of luck with the next phase, Nic.
    There are several things I’ve learned from you.
    Main one is not to wait until you are in the mood to do something – exercise, housework etc – just do it!
    And I’ve taken great comfort from your posts on how family life has changed as your kids have grown – and how, overall, jr has become easier.

    1. Post

      Hi Bex,

      Love those takeaways. I remind myself about the mood one all the time! Thank you for reading and taking action. I have had a break over the summer hence the long delay in responding. Hope 2024 is an amazing year for you.

  9. I have really enjoyed your blog, podcast and book, and am very grateful for all I’ve learnt over the years! I started reading when we moved to the other side of the world and I was suddenly a stay at home mum without any support in a country where I didn’t speak the language. Learning to meal plan and organise chores better etc helped me feel more in control. I wish you all the very best in your future endeavours.

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      Karin this was so awesome to read. The goal of PWK was help other mums and it makes me so happy that it helped you. Thanks for you lovely message, I have had a break over the summer hence the long delay in responding. Wishing you all the best for 2024 and beyond!

  10. Dear Nicole wow!!!! I have read your blog for most of this year & as I sit here with my eldest of 2 just graduated year 12 having attained his goal of higher Atar in his school wow self manager indeed – and off to live in Brisbane for university next year; I’m struck by the poignancy of your final post!

    Thank you for giving me SO many tips & tricks as a ‘less than naturally organised’ mum I’m sure now I’m known by my colleagues and peers as being one of THOSE exceptionally organised meal prepping mums, but I’ve learnt it and you & your book blog & slowcooker recipes have been the original inspiration for me!
    In primary school your age appropriate chores were always challenging & helpful, throughout it all, weekend meal prep & meal plan recipes were a Godsend and in highschool teen years your advice to let teens make own mistakes when it comes to time management/ sleep/ scheduling & assignment organisation has been a hard but true goal. Might just have to buy myself a box of Adapt for 2024 as I’ve also been alcohol free for 4 years now! Thank you for everything.

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      I adore this summary Theresa and thank you so much for being such an active and encouraging supporter. Your emails and comments through out the years really helped me keep doing what I was doing and were so appreciated. I have had a break over the summer hence the long delay in responding. Hope you are having a great summer and 2024 is a fabulous year for you and your family.

  11. Nic, there’s a lot of noise out there and it’s hard to cut through. I can’t remember how I got on your list eons ago but I have never unsubscribed – a rarity. You felt to me like a dependable, older sister with solid insight and advice – the thing I have most taken away is that I indulge my kids and I am not helping them, or myself, by not assigning them more chores and responsibilities as they get older. A fabulous wrap up as always, thanks for your thoughtful generosity and I have no doubt you will succeed in whatever you put your mind to next.
    All the very best.

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      Love this Monique. I really think parenting is getting harder with the proliferation of social media where we tend to only see the highlight reels. Parenting is amazing but it isn’t always easy and sometimes to do the best for our kids we have to make hard choices. Thanks so much for reading and taking the time to leave this message. I have had a break over the summer hence the long delay in responding. All the best for 2024.

  12. Nic, I have really appreciated everything you have shared over the years – always food for thought and helped me to think about how I want to parent, exercise, eat and organise our lives. I valued your book and the opportunity to get advice from a nutritionist/dietician, some of which I follow to this day. I love Adapt and enjoy that newsletter as well, but this is definitely the end of an era. All the best with this next phase 🙂

    1. Post

      Thanks so much Michelle. I love that the blog made you think about parenting – that is exactly what I wanted and still want for parents. I have appreciated all your support across my different adventures!

      I have had a break over the summer hence the long delay in responding. Hope you are having a great summer and that 2024 is an excellent year for you.

  13. Hi Nic, I have loved your blog, book, podcasts and your course for many years. Your advice has helped me so much and you feel like a friend to me. When my kids were little we implemented the family meetings and kept a notebook of the minutes. It is so funny to look back on. We used a wooden spoon and took turns to hold the spoon and be the speaker. The meeting would often end with one of the kids running away with the spoon!
    One comment that often came up in the meetings was that the kids really wanted a dog. We have had our Labrador for 7 years now and we love him and he’s part of the family.
    Thanks for everything Nicole xx Best Wishes , Julie

    1. Post

      I love how your family embraced family meetings Julie and gave then your own unique style! Thank you so much for supporting me across my different ventures, it is so appreciated. I have had a break over the summer hence the long delay in responding. Hope you have been having a great summer and that 2024 is a fab year for you and the family.

  14. Thanks so much Nicole! You have made me feel more confident that my penchant for planning is not just “Mum being crazy” but something to value!
    Not sure I’ve managed to 100% convince my hubby or kids about that yet (🙄🤦‍♀️) but it’s good to know I am not the only one!
    Good luck with Adapt!

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      Ha, love this Tiff. Having so many people appreciate my planning tips made me feel less crazy! Thanks so much for reading and supporting PWK, truly appreciated. I have had a break over the summer hence the long delay in responding. Hope you have managed to have a break too and all the best for 2024.

  15. My blog feed is ever diminishing. I’ve read your blog probably from those early days. My own has languished for some time as I’ve moved away from it. I can’t think of a singular piece of advice but I’m sure there are things that I have picked up along the way from meal planning to various books to read. Thanks for what you’ve shared over the years!

    1. Post

      Thanks Jen, you were definitely an OG blogger! It was a very different space back then 🙂 . I appreciate that you have been reading since the beginning – thank you so much. I have had a break over the summer hence the long delay in responding. Hope you are enjoying the summer and wish you a wonderful 2024.

  16. I am sad to read this is your last blog post as I think I have been reading for over 10 years now when we lived in Australia. That said, I am excited for the next stage of your journey and love what you are doing with Adapt Drinks.

    I have loved all the different aspects of your journey from meal planning to personal development and goal setting and have seen similar themes in my own journey too.

    Thank you for all you have shared and I look forward to what comes next – exciting times!

    1. Post

      Thanks Emma. It is bittersweet for me too. I keep thinking of ideas and think that would make a great blog post or newsletter but then remember I am not doing it any more! I have had a break over the summer hence the long delay in responding. Thanks for the message and I hope you have a wonderful 2024.

  17. Oh Nicole, this is a big change for you and I can completely understand why the time is right.

    When I first read your website around 2010-2011 when my children were 13, 11, and the twins were 4, I used to joke that I could write one called Kids Without Planning… I often felt life was so chaotic, never knowing who would need what next or what joys and disasters might pop up.

    However, I have learned and have found meal planning the best tool ever. Our family uses a shared iCal calendar which is really useful. My daughter showed me the online planner and amazing tool Notion and I now use that… often with a paper list by my desk with the most important three things for that day. Once done I can add three more if I want to.

    As an alcohol-free person and subscriber to Adapt Drinks, I am 100% behind your decision to focus on that. And your website will remain the invaluable resource it is, with support for parents of all ages.

    Cheers to 2024!

    1. Post

      You have been such an amazing supporter of my work Seana, thank you so much. I hear fantastic things about Notion! I really appreciate your kind words about PWK. I have had a break over the summer hence the long delay in responding. Hope you have been having an excellent summer and hope 2024 is an amazing year for you.

  18. Oh wow Nicole!! You have been part of my whole parenting journey! I remember buying your book when my youngest was one – he is now 13. My kids are currently 13, 11, 9 and 6, and I definitely agree that it’s a sweet spot. We are in good routines and good habits and the kids are taking on more responsibility each year.

    Some of my biggest takeaways – Meal planning! It took me YEARS to finally do it, but now it’s just part of my life. I plan a month in advance using your template and the kids know to check the board, and NOT ask me what’s for dinner. I also carve out one-on-one time with the kids most evenings, even if it’s only 10 minutes. Gosh I could go on and on about what other value you have added to my parenting journey (recipes, goal-setting, podcasts you have shared etc) but I will say goodbye for now and will certainly follow you on Adapt and any other platforms you pop up on, in the future. Thanks for everything and go well in your big venture!

    1. Post

      This is such a beautiful comment to read Renae – thank you so much for taking the time to leave it. I have had a break over the summer hence the long delay in responding to it. I always loved it when your name would pop into the comments or my inbox because you were not just reading my content but taking action – congratulations to you for this! I love that you nailed menu planning too :

      Wishing you and your family a wonderful 2024.

  19. Thank you so much Nicole!
    I echo the comments above in saying you have brought so much to my parenting journey. I’ve been reading since around 2013- kid has just turned 18- and I know I have taken many of your thoughts to heart, especially learning to apologise to my daughter when I was wrong.
    Funnily enough what will always make me think of you will be your Sweet Chilli Sauce recipe! Not just because it works, but it was probably the first time I realised that you could make things like sauces yourself.
    Wishing you much future success!

    1. Post

      I love that sweet chilli sauce is a take away and you are right it is so much more than a recipe but a symbol of what you are capable of. Thanks you so much for reading for so many years. So many parents find it hard to apologise to their kids but when done properly it is one of the best things we can do for our relationship with them – well done on taking on this hard task.

      Thanks so much for the message, I have had a break over the summer hence the long delay in responding. Wishing you a wonderful 2024.

  20. Hi Nicole, many years ago I came for your tea cup biscuits (https://planningwithkids.com/2008/08/21/tea-cup-biscuits/ ) – and stayed! It was your blog that got me on track with meals upon my return to work when Baby was 1. Your 10-week Christmas planning guide also helped me navigate the early child years. Later, your first steps through year-planning and lessons learned really helped… I write this on New Years Eve 2023 as I mull over my focus goal for the coming year. Thank you for all that you do, and all the best with Adapt Drinks.

    1. Post

      You have no idea how happy it made me when I read that you were mulling over your focus goal for the year Sally – love it so much! Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment I have had a break over the summer hence the long delay in responding.

      Many people found me through the tea cup biscuits and stayed, that recipe is very special for me. Thank you for staying for so long. Wishing you and your family a wonderful 2024.

  21. Thanks for all your advice over the years, Nicole! I always read your email newsletters and have followed your personal development and business venture with interest. I’m so glad that Adapt Drinks is growing, but I’m not surprised because it’s a wonderful drink! All the best xx

    1. Post

      Thanks Juliana, your support, encouragement and the helpful emails you have sent me have been greatly appreciated. I have had a break over the summer hence the long delay in responding but it was so lovely to read. Thanks for reading for such a long time and I hope 2024 is a wonderful year for you.

  22. Also, to say thank you for your blogs, advice, and receipes! I signed up for Planning With Kids after having my third child and enjoyed reading your newsletters ever since. Menu planning and meal prepping was a game changer for me and really helped me feed my family the healthy food that I wanted to.
    Best of luck with your next step.

    1. Post

      Love that menu planning was a game changer for you Rachel – it was for me too and was the start of my planning journey. Thanks you so much for reading and for leaving your lovely message. I have had a break over the summer hence the long delay in responding. Hope you have been enjoying the summer break and wish you a wonderful 2024.

  23. I have loved reading your newsletters over the years. You have always given wise and practical advice in a non judgmental way. You helped me get back into menu planning which helped me in numerous ways. And your posts also encouraged me to get the kids to do more around the house. As well as being inspirational in what you have achieved for yourself personally as a busy mum of 5!!
    Best of wishes for you and all your family in your future adventures. Thank you ❤️

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