5 simple ways to get organised with hooks

5 simple ways to get organised with hooks


I wish I could take credit for these handy organising solutions in our household, but these are all the work of my lovely husband Mr I. He has a super knack of spotting the right place to put up a hook to make a home for a household item.

One of the key ways for us to keep the house in order is to make sure everything has a home. Hooks are a great organising tool for this purpose as they are inexpensive, easy to put up and go into spaces that might other wise go unused.

Here are 5 simple ways we use hooks to get organised in our home:
hooks for organisation DSC07756
Mr I and three out of the five kids have shirts as part of their weekday attire. Mr I put these hooks up so we can place the shirts on hangers when they are dry to store them until they are ironed. Not only did he do that but he is also the one who takes responsibility for making sure they are ironed – awesome! These two hooks are on our laundry wall, so out of main sight too.

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The cabinet which houses our DVD, stereo, PlayStation etc has to be opened with a key. To prevent the unfun game of where’s the key hiding every time we want to open the cabinet, Mr I placed a hook near the home organisation centre I created on a kitchen shelf.

hooks for organisation DSC07770
In the cupboard under the stairs he put up a hook for us to hang the torches on. When there is a power outage I want to be able to find the torches easily and this works really well.

hooks for organisation DSC07765
I regularly change my bag depending on what I am doing. The brown one for meetings or for when I am working out of home as it safely holds my MacBook Air, the green bag for when I am out with the kids as it has all the bits and pieces already stoked in it that I need (you can read more about what I put in my bag here) and a standard handbag for when I am out on my own.

After he grew tired of my bags being left on the floor, Mr I put up a couple of hooks on the old TV cabinet we have in our room and have repurposed for clothes storage. It is now easy for me to pick up the bag I want, swap my wallet into it and head out the door.

hooks for organisation DSC07781
And to help keep the kids’ room tidy, he has a number of hooks at the end of the bunks. The primary school kids use these to hang their library bags and hats or beanies now it is winter. It prevents them from being dumped on the floor and makes it so much easier to find these items when they want them.

Do you use hooks to organise things in your house? If so would love to hear how!