Tips for taking Christmas card photos


This post is part of my 10 week Christmas planning series, you find the more posts in the series here. I am one of those people that still sends out Christmas Cards. Each year I receive less and less myself as so many people choose not to send a card or choose an e-card instead. I take a photo/s of … [Read more...]

Goals other mums are setting

Goals other mums are setting

Late last year in my newsletter I asked for others to share with me their goals for 2016, so I could share them on the blog. I love hearing how others set their goals and seeing what they will work towards for the year. Here are some of the responses that lovely readers sent me. Feel free to add … [Read more...]

How to change a habit

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This year on the blog I have been writing quite a bit about change. Results from the annual PWK reader survey 2013 showed that many of you wanted to make changes to your life in 2014. 22% of readers wanted to change their exercise habits and 9% wanted to change their diet in 2014. For the series … [Read more...]

Changing my plate – eating well at home

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This post is part of a regular series focusing on making small changes to improve our health. I shared my journey with changing my diet and moving to a clean eating approach which you can read here. I also had the lovely Katie Rainbird from Katie 180 undertake an analysis of my food intake for one … [Read more...]