Goals other mums are setting

Late last year in my newsletter I asked for others to share with me their goals for 2016, so I could share them on the blog. I love hearing how others set their goals and seeing what they will work towards for the year. Here are some of the responses that lovely readers sent me. Feel free to add yours in the comments too!

Goals for 2016 – what other mums are setting

I am probably in a different situation in that my goal for 2016 is to find the right balance for me at my age and stage of life negotiating which activities to include and which relationships to cultivate outside the immediate family. I am a retired secondary teacher with one 13 yr old at home. I enjoy my emergency teaching work which is prevalent in terms 1, 2, &3. I never work on Wednesdays as I attend a regular Bible Study in the morning and do some volunteer work in the afternoon or visit with friends. But finding the balance of home, housework, shopping and errands, visiting friends and those in need, attending to my son at home and my husband who works shift work can be tricky. Last year I felt like being busier would have sometimes been good but aren’t quite sure which direction to take. Changes in my life have left me feeling am I where I should be or should I push for further work or volunteering? Not sure but the goal is to find that balance and that peace.


I have three children 11, 9 and 8. Daughter is middle child. I actually gave up working this year as a geophysicist mainly to make time for my family life as I felt the dollars and corporate hats could not make up for lost time on my children. I am happy to say I have had a very fulfilling year and have enjoyed it very much and have been more excited than the kids during school holidays (after being in full time work for 5 years when school holidays would only mean desperate child care arrangements and spend extra time working which never was enough as an academic…).

Next year I am starting a pgrad dip in education for secondary school teaching which I am hoping would open doors to a more work-life balanced career.. but I am hoping to be a more organised towards family meals, folding laundry straightaway after it comes back in ;-), have a fixed schedule for school work such as homework extra maths/writing practice days during weekdays. As a Muslim I am also trying to get my kids to memorise Quran, so I really want us to use the weekend mornings to review what they have learnt during the week, so we can plan any outdoor activities during the afternoons on Sat and Sunday. Basically strictly schedule work/study times during the week so we can then have stress free weekends.


I do like my goals, but I usually make them project-based rather than a larger over-arching goal. So you have inspired me to set a big goal for 2016. My goal for 2016 is to fully and wholly appreciate the time I have with my children and husband in our travels and to allow the big changes that are happening in our life and trust that they will unfold as we want them to.


CALM seems to be popular as it is my word too, along with FUN!!

So particularly for my health goals like food and exercise this year, I want to feel calm afterwards and have really enjoyed the workout or the meal! There are so many obligations with parenting especially young kids, so it feels good to have fun and enjoyment within a goal of looking after myself.


My words of intention this year were CALM and FREEDOM.

Having just moved our family to a beautiful place this year is all about slowing down, choosing more mindfully how and where my energy is spent.


Thanks so much to everyone who took the time to send me your goals – I loved reading them and found them inspiring. All the best with your progress in 2016.