deas for your 100 dreams list

Ideas for your 100 dreams list

Ideas for your 100 dreams list

A few weeks ago I shared the idea of creating a list of 100 dreams. These are items you would like to achieve in your lifetime. The list isn’t meant to be full of only huge, audacious things like travelling to far off places, but can include anything that would be a meaningful achievement to you.

The post had a wonderful response from readers who like me, loved the idea of writing the list. Thank you to so many of you who kindly shared some items from your lists. I have collated them into this post to provide some inspiration for those of you who are not sure where to start or how to make it to 100 items (it is quite a challenge!).


  • To treat myself as I would one of my beloved friends.
  • To maintain an ongoing list of books to read, films to see and plays to watch (and joyously tick them off).
  • To have a small, yet considered, repertoire of great cakes, biscuits or slices to bake for multiple occasions- from the school cake stall to celebrating for a friend’s birthday to that bring-a-plate occasion.
  • To ensure you get yourself in front of the ocean, regularly and at different times of the day to be overwhelmed by its utter majesty.
  • To frequently do something-anything- that makes your heart beat faster: something that scares you, exercise more, share a secret with someone.
  • To make every day special in some way. Wear that new top you just bought, start burning that candle, use the wedding crockery or smile at a stranger in passing.


  • riding horses on a beach
  • visiting the pyramids in Egypt
  • having a long table lunch at home
  • taking my children to the country I was born
  • nailing how to grow kangaroo paws


  •  Learn a musical instrument (i.e. the dusty, unloved piano at home)
  •  Walk to the top of a really high hill and admire the view
  • Teach the kids to cook
  • Take a sneaky secret morning off work – just for me! To peruse the charity shops, have a gluten-free café breakfast, and snooze in the car
  •  Learn sign language
  • Pay off our debts
  •  Build an app that’ll teach people about food


  • to have to have a busy, robust & vibrant household (be careful what you wish for!)
  • to live a simple life
  • to cook & bake
  • to create & sew simple projects for my kids


  • Have a Japanese tea ceremony
  • Adopt a rescue dog
  • Do a stand up comedy gig
  • Have a weekly movie night
  • Learn to braid hair


  • Learn to podcast
  • Walk every day
  • Own a Burberry trench coat
  • Grow a kitchen herb garden
  • Read the bible


  • Have a week without any technology
  • Sleep 8 hours a night for a month
  • Run a marathon
  • Walk barefoot in the snow
  • Go in a floatation tank


  • Be able to do 100 push ups
  • Own my own house
  • Teach my kids to cook
  • Buy only eco friendly / sustainable personal and household items
  • Make a photo book each year


  • To create a family with my partner, with hopefully at least three kids.
  • To live a spiritual life and give back to my community in a regular capacity.
  • To work for a not for profit that is making an impact on children’s lives.
  • Take a freelance writing course so I can eventually work from home.
  • Start a regular yoga practice and take a trip to India for a meditative yoga retreat.
  • To build a fully sustainable home in the country so the kids can roam and connect with nature.


  • Read a book a month
  • Take the kids to Disneyland
  • Marie Kondo my house
  • Have a weekend away each year with my husband
  • Be debt free by 50
  • Take my mum to France
  • Go sugar free
  • Try F45
  • Go to New York for my 40th


  • Become an early morning exerciser
  • Have at least 5 house plants and keep them alive
  • Make at least one vegetarian meal a week
  • Create a minimalist clothes wardrobe for the kids and I
  • Watch a documentary once a month
  • Take regular photos of me with the kids
  • Keep a daily journal for a year
  • Start composting
  • Finish our wedding album
  • Die my hair a different colour
  • Get fitted properly again post kids for a bra
  • Teach our dog to fetch a ball

Have you created your list of 100 dreams? Would you like to share some items from your list?