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Changing my plate – eating well at home

changing my plate.jpgThis post is part of a regular series focusing on making small changes to improve our health. I shared my journey with changing my diet and moving to a clean eating approach which you can read here. I also had the lovely Katie Rainbird from Katie 180 undertake an analysis of my food intake for one day in that post, which was another step in the right direction.

Together we also offered the same opportunity to readers of Planning With Kids. We were blown away with the response and while I can’t guarantee will get to all of them this year, Katie has been busy working on many of the submissions already and we will publish as many as we can.

It is not possible for Katie to cover off everything in these posts. The aim is for her to find some small things you can change to what you are putting on your plate to help you achieve your current goal for your eating habits. You can read previous Changing my plate posts by clicking here.

Changing my plate – Julie’s day

image_katieKatie Rainbird (AKA Katie180) is a Sydney-based Nutritionist who is just as likely to be found jogging as she is baking. She is a mother to two, a keen home cook, prefers to get around in her workout gear and has a major passion for the written word. You can learn more at

Katie reviewed what a reader Julie submitted that she ate in a 24 hour period. This is what Katie had to say about her day:

What is your current goal with your eating habits?
Trying to eat well at home. I am super organised food wise for working days but when I’m at home I miss meals due to the busy kids rush days!


Homemade nut seed oat muesli with strawberries and yogurt At desk at work 10am

Do you eat anything before 10am? This seems quite late to be having your first meal for the day. If not, it might be an idea to prepare your muesli in separate containers (I quite like to use the Decor brand soup containers) with milk then pop into the fridge a night ahead to make a Bircher style muesli then just dollop the yoghurt atop in the morning and eat on the go if you need to: as you get the kids ready, as you drive or train/bus to work.

Left over steak and Greek salad with fetta. Home made.
To this sort of meal it’s great to add a small tin of chickpeas or four bean mix or the like: room for plant to keep you fuller longer, also the fibre promotes optimal large bowel health.

Chicken and 5 veg bolagnaise with tasty cheese grated on top and green salad with fetta.
6.30pm (usually eat around 5.30-6pm but was stuck in traffic) all freshly cooked by moi!


Snack 1
Mid morning full fat latte.

One a day is OK.

Snack 2
Two kiwi fruit mid morning.


Snack 3
Nuts and dried fruits mid afternoon

Snack 4
Small chocolate bar late afternoon
Better buy a block of good quality dark chocolate and break two pieces into a nut and seed mix and bag it up into daily portions. So buy a big bag each of pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, dried fruit of preference, coconut chips and a few different raw nuts then mix in a big bowl and scoop into snap lock bags or small containers and store somewhere dark and cool.
Custard and fruit. 2-3 times a week.

Do you make your own custard? If so this is fine but if it’s store bought then perhaps a good time to start making your own. Custard is actually quite a wholesome food, rich in protein and if you make it yourself you can adjust the sweetness and the sweetener.

Nutritional supplements

Daily fluid intake
Full fat latte and 4 litres water

4L of water is a large amount of water, is this normal for you? Standard recommendations are to aim for about 2L per day.

Katie’s summary
If your main issue is eating well when you’re at home then try to approach your at home days much the same as you do your work days. Use leftovers for lunch, make meals the night before with lunch in mind: for example a big tray of mixed roast vegetables that can be added to wrap bread with some yoghurt dip and fresh green leafys or re-heated and served alongside some pasta, rice or other cooked grain.

Eggs on toast with a side of wilted spinach is quick and easy as is porridge for lunch, yes porridge! Oats wtih good milk, a mashed banana and topped with seeds is very easy and nutritious. Perhaps even on busy days out and about you can grab a BBQ chook and shred it through a mixed bean salad with some cubes of feta, bean sprouts or baby spinach.

Meal ideas from Katie

Easy dinners that can be turned into lunches:



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