Do you have a story to share?

You may have seen that the first season of the this family life podcast for 2018 has now started. The first season is a solo season with just me but the second season will return to interview format where I am super lucky to chat to other parents about how they manage the day to day activities of family life.

Would you like to share your story? I already have a few guests lined up but would love to include more reader stories. If you are keen to be on the podcast please complete this form by Thursday 5th April and I will get back to you asap. Recording will take place on the week of Monday 16th April. The whole recording process takes less than an hour and you can give as much or as little identifying information as you feel comfortable with.

this family life podcast guest form

Now I know not everyone loves podcasts (I am a serious podcast fan though!). There were some comments in the annual survey from readers who felt that they were missing out by not listening to the podcasts. The podcast is a labour of love and it actually costs me money as I pay someone to do the production of each episode, so at this stage adding transcriptions to the process is not possible.

I am however reviving my what other mums do written series, so hopefully this will help fill the gap if you don’t listen to podcasts. The last series asked mums a series of questions around what their typical day looked like. This time I have some different questions looking at what is working and what challenges families have at the moment and I will be calling it what other families do, so if any dads out there would like to share their stories, I would love to have them too.  There are 13 questions and apart from three you can choose the questions you would like to answer. I will take your wonderful answers and turn them into a blog post. I will email before hand to let you know when it will go live. Please complete the below form by Thursday 5th April – thanks!

what other families do guest form

Thanks in advance and I am looking forward to hearing your stories!

Photo by Daiga Ellaby on Unsplash