Gluten free banana pancakes


This post is part of the kids in the kitchen series, inspiring you to cook with the kids these school holidays sponsored by Western Star.  My aim for the getting the kids into the kitchen is to create capable cooks who have a love of preparing tasty whole food recipes. *********** As I have … [Read more...]

Fun Froyo Pops

homemade froyo

There's no escaping the froyo craze that is sweeping the nation – it seems like every main street or shopping centre has at least 2, if not 3 or 4, of these froyo places, each with its own pun-tastic name. While in theory the idea of frozen yoghurt as a snack seems like a healthy choice, the … [Read more...]

Rice cake slice

rice cake slice

For some time I have been wanting to come up with a healthier alternative to the rice bubble slice I make for the kids. I still wanted it to be quick and easy to make and I wanted the kids to like it too. This rice cake slice ticked both boxes. The kids did note that isn't as sweet as the other … [Read more...]