Probiotic punch

Probiotic punch

This is a simple punch recipe that has the added kick of kombucha. Kombucha is a fermented drink with probiotic qualities. I make my own, but you can buy it at many whole food / health stores. If you haven't had kombucha before here are some articles you might like to read: Kombucha: Is it … [Read more...]

Christmas Menu Plan Ideas 2014

Christmas menu plan ideas 2014 640

This post is part of my 10 Week Christmas Planning Series. Click here to read more posts - Christmas Planning 2014. Over the last few years I have collated some Christmas Menu Plan inspiration! You can find previous years here: Christmas Menu Plan Ideas 2013 includes - Simple, Paleo, Asian … [Read more...]

Gingerbread Men

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Image Credit Photographically Each household has its Christmas traditions, that one thing that makes Christmas special for them. And for us, Christmas just isn’t Christmas without baking gingerbread. While you can buy it in the store, here’s the reasons why we love making it at home: It’s a great … [Read more...]

Mini Christmas puddings (gluten and cane sugar free)


On the blog you can find plenty of fun Christmas treats to make (I collated 13 of them in this post.) They are all cute, but contain lots of sugar! My kids still consume cane sugar in their overall diet and I still make food that contains cane sugar for them, but I continue to work on reducing the … [Read more...]

Sweet and Salty Popcorn

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Image Credit Photographically Popcorn has got to be one of the best snacks going around. Whether it’s for the school lunchbox, an afternoon snack, a kid’s birthday party or watching a movie, popcorn is yummy and versatile! However, often store bought popcorn is loaded with salt, fat and sugar, and … [Read more...]