30 lockdown lunch ideas for kids

30 lockdown lunch ideas for kids

30 lockdown lunch ideas for kids

Lockdown lunches for the kids are one element of lockdown life that you can add some variety to! There is such a repetitiveness to lockdown life that even small changes like what the kids have for lunch can have a positive influence on how the day goes.

I have put together lockdown lunch ideas for kids in two categories. The first has an emphasis on quick and easy lockdown lunch ideas for kids. The second category uses leftovers from evening meals where you make double batches of meals or make something extra on the weekend. These lockdown lunch ideas do require some pre-planning and work on the weekend but it does really save you loads of time during the weekdays.

Please note that these are lockdown lunch ideas are not all of them will fall into the category of the most nutritionally excellent lunches you can serve your kids. Naturally, I would recommend the less healthy options are served less regularly. For me, I attempt to balance many things when choosing what to feed the kids for lunch including their physical activity levels, how long we have been in lockdown for and the need for good food. Each parent needs to make their own decisions around this.

Quick and easy lockdown lunch ideas for kids

Pre-prepped lockdown lunch ideas for kids

  • Taco Parcels – make a double batch of taco meat (this recipe has homemade seasoning). You can then make the parcels on the weekend and keep them in the fridge. Simply pre-heat the oven to a moderate heat and then pop them in the oven for 10-15 mins and serve.
  • Chicken and rice patties – use up left over chicken and rice to make these tasty patties.
  • Rice paper rolls – you can use left over stir fry or just grate up lots of veggies and have the kids help you make them on the weekend.
  • Zucchini slice – make a big batch for a meal and the kids can reheat for lunch.
  • Homemade pasties – as above!
  • Gluten free egg muffins – use up left over roasted or steamed veggies to bake a batch of these on the weekend for weekday lunches for you and the kids.
  • Wraps – make a double batch of sweet chilli chicken or souvlaki and have some prepped salad items so the kids can make their own wraps.
  • Chicken schnitzel wraps / sandwiches / rolls – cook up a big batch of schnitz on the weekend and the kids can make themselves a hearty sandwich or wrap. Our 15 year old likes to turn his into a parmigiana!
  • Hamburgers – as above!
  • Pumpkin soup – it is still cold enough here in Melbourne to get away with making big pots of soup!
  • Chicken sandwiches – make up the chicken mixture the night before and the kids can make their own sandwiches at lunch time.
  • Sushi
  • Fried rice – this reheats well and is a fave with the kids. Make a double batch and they can heat it up themselves when they are ready for lunch.
  • Homemade scrolls – you can make a batch on the weekend and the kids can reheat during the week.
  • Pulled pork sliders – you can put the pork in the slow cooker and cook it slowly overnight and it is ready to fill the kids rolls for lunch the next day!

What have your kids been eating for their lockdown lunches?