Soda Press 500ml Kombucha Concentrate - Passionfruit & Mandarin

Soda Press Co. Organic Kombucha Concentrate Give Away

Soda Press 500ml Kombucha Concentrate - Passionfruit & Mandarin

Soda Press Co. was founded in 2014 in New Zealand and has grown to be one of the world’s leading premium organic syrup and concentrate companies. They are a super innovative company who apply the best of old and new innovations to craft their range of certified organic syrups and also their latest release of fab Kombucha concentrates.

Readers of the blog will know that I am a huge fan of Kombucha and do indeed make my own. (You can find my recipe here.) But I was super keen to test out the Soda Press Co. Organic Kombucha Concentrate as I have seen it in a number of stores. They currently have three flavours in their range Original, Passionfruit and Mandarin and Cola Nut & Kafir Lime and I taste tested the first two!

Soda Press Co. Organic Kombucha Concentrate is a clever innovation that was over 12 months in the making and is the world’s first Certified Organic Shelf-stable Kombucha Concentrate.

With the Soda Press Co. Organic Kombucha Concentrate, you can make your own high-quality Kombucha at home, by just adding sparkling water! The kombucha concentrate makes is a delicious, better for you drink that has almost zero sugar and contains over 1 billion live probiotics per serve (around 2-3 times more than standard purchased Kombuchas). There are no nasty preservatives in the concentrate and it is made from all organic ingredients.

Soda Press Co. uses the finest organic green and black teas that are traditionally hand-brewed over 45 days to make the concentrate.

When you open the lid to the original Kombucha concentrate you can definitely smell the fermented goodness! To make the Kombucha you use a 1:4 ratio of concentrate to soda water. Suggested serving size is 40mls concentrate and 160 mls soda water which is what you can see pictured above.

The original Kombucha concentrate has a mild flavour which myself and the 14 and 11 year old who helped taste test with me liked. We all agreed though that the passionfruit and madarin concentrate was our favourite.

I wasn’t sure the passionfruit and mandarin combo would work, but they have just the right amount of each flavour so neither over powers. You could dress this flavour up if you wanted to, but it is really a lovely refreshing drink on it own.

If you are keen on making a few mixes, Soda Press Co. has a great Mixology Booklet and recipes on their website.

While I will still make my own Kombucha, having a bottle of Soda Press Co. Organic Kombucha Concentrate in the pantry will also be something I will do as it makes taking Kombucha out and about with you so much easier, it is much cheaper than buying bottles of Kombucha and it is a great eco-friendly option.

If you love Kombucha but don’t have the inclination to make your own from scratch, Soda Press Co. Organic Kombucha Concentrate is a great option. It tastes great, contains plenty of goodness for your gut and is excellent value for money as the concentrate makes 12 serves per bottle. Each bottle is $10.95 and you can save even more if you buy a Pick & Mix 6 Pack which is only $59.95 and it comes with free shipping if you are in NSW (excluding postcodes 2898 + 2899), ACT, Qld, Vic and SA. Soda Press can also be found in leading retailers nationwide.

Soda Press Co. Organic Kombucha Concentrate Give Away

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