Christmas Crackers – Easy DIY

Christmas Crackers DIY Title.jpg

I have wanted to make my own Christmas Crackers for a number of years now, but have never quite got around to it. This year though when I was looking for crackers to match my blue, white and bird theme (you can see more ideas for Christmas Themes in this post), I couldn't find Christmas Crackers in … [Read more...]

Lemon and Orange Scrub + Bright Star Kids Give Away

Orange and Lemon Scrub

The give away has closed, congratulations to the winners! Kristina I love the idea of these especially when you are renting and cant paint you kids room they would like. I love the Pony Carousel even has my daughters name on it already :) Joselle I found it really hard to choose just one … [Read more...]

Simple Christmas Table Ideas

Christmas Table Ideas

I have a number of friends (Lou, Justine, Belinda, Laine and Deb are all amazing at this!) who have the knack of using simple household items to make a stunning presentation for a table centre piece or house decoration. This type of house presentation is not my strong suit, but from observing … [Read more...]