Cinnamon Stick Christmas Decorations

Natural Christmas Decoration

Five and a half weeks to go until Christmas. This post is part of my Christmas Preparation plan. I haven't been working on them in exact order this year. Having a plan for Christmas, means that I can choose a task for the week that better suits my schedule. I know that if I keep working through … [Read more...]

How To Make Christmas Tags

How To Make Christmas Tags

It has been a pretty massive 10 days in the Planning With Kids household. I am certainly not complaining as on the whole it has been super exciting as well. It has just meant that my regular posting schedule sort of went out the window! But I am back on track now and normalcy should return to my … [Read more...]

Book Review: Simple Softies For The Whole Family (and our first handmade Christmas Gift for 2010!)

Simple Softies for the whole family

This week we finally had time to make something from the very gorgeous book Simple Softies For The Whole Family. This is the third book in the series, first was Softies and then there was More Softies. My aim for this project was to let my daughter make the softie herself from start to finish, … [Read more...]