Handmade Christmas Decorations – Tea Light Candles

Handmade Christmas Decorations Tea Light Candles

If you are trying to get organised for Christmas, check out my 10 Week Christmas Plan. Only 5 weeks left until Christmas!

Now this is probably a bit of a cheat to call handmade really, but unfortunately I didn’t have time to make the Christmas decorations that I had book marked and thought I would make (like these Christmas Baubles or these handmade bon bons).

These tea light candles were very quick and easy to make and they are also a decoration that you can easily change slightly each year to fit in with your Christmas Theme. My theme this year is red, green and silver, so these candles will sit nicely on the window ledge and then on the table for Christmas celebrations.

Handmade Christmas Decorations 3 Tea Light Candles


  • Glass tea light candle holders (Mine were procured from that large Swedish establishment for the very reasonable price of 12 for $3.99)
  • Tea light candles (also from large Swedish establishment and cost $3.99 for 100.)
  • Decorative ribbon
  • Double sided tape


  • Cut ribbon to length that will fit around candle holder with a slight overlay.
  • Use double sided tape to a fix ribbon to the tea light holder at the start, approx half way around and then at the end, to join the ribbon.
  • Insert tea light candle and light!
  • Next year, if these colours don’t suit my theme, I can then just remove the ribbon and apply some that will fit in with chosen colours.

What have you been making?