Self Cover Buttons

Self Cover Buttons

I have seen these style of hair ties around for some time now and thought they are so cute. A very clever friend from my children’s school, kindly gave me the tip off that they are incredibly simple to make, if you get yourself a little tool from Jackobindi.

So that I did and I am now completely in love with the little tool you see in the photo below. It is so much fun and easy to use. Although I think my 5 year old daughter loves it slightly more than I do!

Jackobindi is a Melbourne based company that sell all sorts of wonderful do it yourself kits. They do sell overseas and also sell already made items if you didn’t want to do it yourself. But you should really have a go yourself, as they are quick and simple to make.

I taught my 5 year old daughter how to do them and she can make them by herself now. They are her cute little hands that you will see in the photos.

EDIT: I have had a number of queries about which pack I bought. Click here for the direct link for the tool pack pictured below. They are only $12. They also have a Beginners DIY Button Kit which includes 10 28mm button covers and metal shank backs, 10 fabric swatches, assembly tool, fabric template, full instructions and costs only $27.

Making Self Covered Button Hair Ties

Self Cover Buttons - Materials

You will need the following materials to make your own fabric covered button hair ties:

Self Cover Buttons Step-2

On the Jackobindi blog they tell you how big to make the circle. I have the 28mm buttons and for this size, the fabric needs to be a 55mm diameter circle. I am yet to purchase the very cool fabric template, so we made a circle out of cardboard, folded in half and used that as our stencil.

Self Cover Buttons Step-3

We folded a piece of fabric in half so the pattern was on the inside and drew a half circle on the fold.

Self Cover Buttons Step-4

Once we cut this out, we then placed the fabric into the white piece of the tool, with the pattern facing down.

Self Cover Buttons Step-5

We then placed the shell on top of the fabric and tucked the fabric into the shell.

Self Cover Buttons Step-6

With all the fabric tucked in neatly to the shell, we placed the back on to the tool.

Self Cover Buttons Step-7

We placed the blue part of the tool on top of the button back and pressed down firmly.

Self Cover Buttons Step-8

We removed the blue piece and pushed out the button perfectly covered in fabric!

Self Cover Buttons Step-9

The last step was to loop the hair tie through the shank to attach it to the button.

Self Cover Buttons  Finished Item

So easy and actually really fun to make. My daughter has already said that she wants to make these at her birthday party……… in December!

I think I may have caught the button bug, as I am very tempted to buy myself a glue gun, so I can make button covered snap clips!

So that is 3 out of 5 items that we have handmade for Christmas already. Very excited about that. If you want to see what else we have been making, you can check out these links: