Fabric Covered Stationery

Fabric Covered Stationery Set

This is the second hand made item that we have produced for our Christmas Gifts this year. The first was the Children’s Fancy Dress Tiaras.

I picked up this idea from the completely clever Jessica Jones at How About Orange. My friend Cath and I got together to give it a whirl the other night. I am very lucky that Cath is super crafty and she has the cool tools to use! If you would like to try this at home, here is what you will need:

  • Your choice of stationery. We choose binder clips, large paper clips, pens and notebooks.
  • Fabric of choice.
  • Spray Adhesive (available from Riot Art)
  • Gel Medium (available from Riot Art)

Fabric Covered Stationery
1. Cut fabric to size of the stationery objects that you wish to cover. If you have a rotary cutter to use, this makes the job much easier, but you can also cut the fabric to size with scissors. For the clips we found that once the fabric is sprayed it is too difficult to slide into the edge of the clip. We cut the fabric slightly shorter so it finishes just before the slot for the handles.

Spray Adhesive Fabric Covered Stationery

2. Remove lids from pens and handles from clips. Place items and fabric onto a non stick plain surface. (You don’t want the fabric to soak up print from newspaper.) Spray fabric with spray adhesive. When we sprayed the fabric we sprayed all the fabric at once. It is wiser to spray each piece of fabric one at a time. Spray the stationery item as well with the adhesive and wait for a few minutes for the surfaces to become tacky.

4. Place fabric onto the stationery item and smooth out. Allow to dry slightly before applying the gel medium.

5. Using a paint brush, apply a light coat of gel medium. This prevents the fabric from fraying. Once dried you then have your fabric covered stationery set ready to give.

I am making one set each for the children’s teachers this year. In our first session we made two sets in a couple of hours. The session was delightfully interrupted by lovely homemade chocolate pudding and good conversation! Now that we have made them once and figured out the best way to go about it, we should be able to make the remaining sets quite quickly.