Super Easy Button Snap Clips

How gorgeous are these self cover button snap clips? And the great thing is not only are they gorgeous but incredibly easy to make! Now if you have been reading this blog for even a small while, you will now that I am very fond of self cover buttons. So I felt particularly lucky when Jackobindi came on board as a sponsor of Planning With Kids earlier this year.

Jackobindi have a new product which they sent me to try out – Attached Snap Clips. The clips come with the button back already attached to the clip, so all you need to do is cover the front part of the button and then press the back and front together and you are done. (No more wiring!) Check out how easy they are to use:


How To Make Your Own Snap Clip Barrettes - Materials
You will need:

Step 1

Snap Clip Barrettes - Assembly Tool
Cut your fabric into a circle (approx 45mm) and place the fabric into the white piece of the self cover button assembly tool. (Ensure that the outside of the fabric is facing the bottom of the tool. )

Step 2

Snap Clip Barrettes - Buttons
Place the front of the button on top of the fabric and push it firmly down into the tool. Tuck all the remaining fabric, neatly into the shell of the button.

Step 3

Snap Clip Barrettes - Button Back Attached
Place the clip with the button back into the assembly tool and place the blue piece of the tool on top of it. Press firmly down on the blue tool, until you feel the button join together. You do need to press quite firmly on the edge where the clip joins the button back and then it will slip nicely into place.

Self Cover Button Snap Clip Barrette

Then you are done. The button snap clips are very easy to make and are such a nice handmade gift. If you are new to the world of self cover buttons and don’t have any tools yet, you can purchase Do It Yourself Silver Snap Clip Barrette Kit which has everything you need including pre-cut circles of fabric. (The kits themselves also make a great gift.)

These clips were the first things that I have made since our we had the craft stall at the fair and it was good to get back into making a little something. Have you been making anything recently?