Fabric Covered Button Bobby Pins

Earlier in September I made Self Cover Button Hair Ties. I think I could be coming addicted to these buttons!! They are really my style of craft, easy and fun to make and they look great. Since then I purchased a bulk lot of buttons from Jackobindi and I have made more hair ties with the school craft group. We have been toiling away making stuff to sell at the Christmas Craft Stall at the end of the year.

When I bought the buttons, I also bought large bobby pins with glue pads to decorate with the fabric covered buttons. This did mean that I then needed to buy myself a glue gun (which I had been wanting for ages anyway!) so that we could glue the button to the bobby pins. Other than this step, making the bobby pins was just as easy as making the Self Cover Button Hair Ties.

We made 50 in total, a combination of fabric scraps that people had, school uniform fabric and a fantastic selection of kimono fabric scraps which came up beautifully.

How To Make Fabric Covered Button Bobby Pins

Fabric Template Button Bobby Pins

I also purchased the Fabric Template and it really does make it so much easier to make sure that a particular part of the pattern will be in the center of the button.

When making the bobby pins, you make the self covered button first. (Instructions can be found on my Self Cover Button Hair Ties tutorial. For the bobby pins we have used 19mm buttons, but you could use 28mm.

Glue Gun Button Bobby Pins

Using a hot glue gun, place a dab of glue on the glue pad of the bobby pins, then place the button on to the pad. Make sure that you have the button positioned, so that the pattern of the fabric is in the right direction (eg so the flowers etc are not upside down).

Back of Button Bobby Pins

Allow the glue to set (does so very quickly). We made sets of two and will present them on white card as illustrated above and in their own individual bags.

Have you been crafting? What have you been making?