After School Snacks

AfterSchoolSnacksTitleSince I have been posted my monthly lunch box ideas, I have received many questions about what do I then feed the kids after school.

We still eat pretty early on most nights (Wednesdays not as we have so much running around!) so I try to serve them up enough food to stop them from complaining about being hungry, but making sure they will eat their dinner.

Each week at the market there are the essential extra items that need to be added to our fruit and veg list. They vary slightly through out the seasons but providing they are not ridiculously expensive we buy additional cucumber, red capsicum, carrot and celery on top of in season fruit.

NB: As I have noted before, I am not a nutritionist and these ideas are simply shared to provide inspiration. You will need to make your own judgement on whether they are right to serve up to your kids.

After School Snacks For Kids

after school snacks
I almost need to put frozen raspberries under lock and key at our house. All of the kids adore them.

after school snacks
Air popped pop corn is always popular and so quick and easy to make with our popcorn maker.

after school snacks
It is actually a pretty rare occurrence for the kids to have a home baked treat after school – I can barely keep up with the lunch boxes let alone after school snacks! If on Friday there is some left I might add a small piece to their plate.

after school snacks
My kids think grissini are fabulous. They don’t tend to pack to well in lunch boxes so we have them occasionally after school.

after school snacks
Sometimes if we need to errands straight after school, I will pack up some snack boxes and bring them with me in the car. I find the behaviour of the kids out and about is so much better if they are not hungry.

after school snacks
And then on those odd days where we may have been soaked on the way home from school or something similar it might be toast and hot chocolate.

Our Family Menu Plan For This Week.


Meal Type


Self Serve




Morning Cook (for us double batch)


Left Overs


Slow Cooker


Meat and Veg


Fun Night

Week Starting:
26th May
Marinated Chicken Sticks and Salad
Baking: Testing New Recipe
Slow Cooker Roast BeefBaked penne with baconLeft
Slow Cooker Chicken Noodle SoupMarinated Steak and Garlic MashNachos

If you are looking for further recipe inspiration, check out my complete list of Family Friendly Recipes. You might like to also check out Planning With Kids Menu Planning App.

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The most popular recipes from the blog have been included and more will be added on a weekly basis. The app will notify you when new recipes have been added, so you will be able to deliver plenty of variety in your family’s menu plans. Each recipe lists the ingredients required, easy to follow instructions and a photo from the blog.

Do you feed your kids after school snacks and if so what?