Parenting tips for stages and ages

Before I proceed with this post I want to recommend you read this post first – Why I don’t consider myself a parenting expert where I write amongst other things:

I often share stories or tips about parenting both in my newsletters and on the blog, but not for one minute do I consider myself a parenting expert. I do consider myself an experienced parent – I have five kids the oldest of which is now 18 so I have been at this parenting game for a while and by the nature of having a larger family, I have repeated similar stages of parenting many times over.

So when you read any of these posts on parenting below, please know that I am offering up my experience and what has worked for our family. I am not a parenting expert, GP, psychologist or counsellor.

I do find that I learn so much from other parents though, so I am happy to offer up my learnings, my mistakes and the strategies that have worked for us. Hopefully there will something you can take away that will help you with the stage or age that you are currently at with your kids.

Parenting tips by age

There are definitely some ages with kids where their behaviour is more challenging than others. Here are some ages that we have found challenging:

Parenting tips by stage

There are some stages that require more from parents than others, here are some that we found required more of us:

General parenting tips

These remaining posts include some of the most popular parenting posts on the blog:

What are the key tips you share with other parents?