Goal Setting For 2013

Goal Setting For 2013

I used Seth Godin quotes to kick off my goal setting post for 2012 and have done the same this year! {Click through to the blog if you cannot see the above image in your email.}

It would be well known that I believe in the power of setting goals. I have set goals for many years and tracked my progress by them here on the blog.

Each year I work at trying to set SMART goals and improve the way I select them. This year I have made some small changes to the way I am setting goals.

I am staying with the structure of one key focus for each of the areas of my life. But this year I have one overarching statement written in terms of what I want to have achieved at the end of the year and more specific, measurable goals lying beneath them.

The overarching goals for each area of my life will be my best decision making tool. I cannot predict what opportunities will come my way or the way of my family, so cannot possibly factor them all in. But I can ask myself the question “Will this help achieve my goals for 2013?” before I take on anything new.

For example, before I agree to take on any new speaking gigs (I already have a number booked for 2013), I will need to determine if it will negatively impact on my level of calmness. Or if the family is invited out one weekend but we have very little time to ourselves, my decision should be to politely decline the invitation to ensure we are spending enough time together.

This will be challenging for me, as I do suffer at time from FOMO – Fear Of Missing Out! But I am going to tackle a few smaller things underneath to help me get better at it, which I will share soon on the blog.

Me – I am less rushed and healthier.

  1. Continue to improve my diet – one meat free meal a week, reduce consumption of sugar and carbs.
  2. Read six books by the end of the year.
  3. Add variety to my exercise regime.
  4. Sleep at least 6 hours a night on a regular basis.

Family – We spend more time doing things together.

  1. Monthly family meetings.
  2. Eat out together on a quarterly basis.
  3. Have an active family holiday.
  4. Two big bush walks throughout the year.

Relationship – We have more time together on our own and support each others interests.

  1. A weekend away in 2013.
  2. Attend an event in the Comedy Festival, see 1 play, see 1 live music gig and a attend one event at the Melbourne Festival.
  3. Mr I will play football, cricket and cycle.
  4. I will continue exercising 5 – 6 times a week.

Work – Improved usability and resources on the blog and improved blogging skills.

  1. Analyse PWK survey and implement changes to the blog by quarter one.
  2. Develop the calendar to the next stage by quarter two.
  3. Take course at Sydney Writers Centre by quarter three.
  4. Release new product by quarter four.

How are you going about your goal setting for 2013? Are you trying anything different compared to last year?


  1. Gin says

    Hi Nic! maybe you could tell us which books you are reading and review them here on the blog! It would keep you accountable to your goal and be like a book club – we could all share our opinions.

  2. says

    What an inspiring post! Made me get off the lounge and do my first treadmill workout for the week!
    That’s a great way to write out your goals, breaking it down makes it look more achievable.

  3. says

    I have done basic top 5 or 10 goals in the past with some success. Used GoalTracker app last January while on hols and only looked at them again just before NYE – not very effective!

    I like the format you have going so will look up the rest of your blog.

    My query was about the books too – will they be fiction or non? I am hopeless at finding time for fiction as I can’t stop but often read things like your book, Nic (on my desk now), parenting, organising, styling etc.

    Does your husband do goal setting?

    • says

      I am a non fiction girl too, so I had decided I would do half and half. I am going to share my list, so you can have a look in the next couple of weeks.

      As for my husband, he doesn’t formally write them down but he does set them and talks to me about them. He seems to have fewer categories though – work and sport! I need to work on the kids and relationship area with him I think!

    • says

      Hi Becci,

      Back from hols now and feeling refreshed to tackle these goals. Will post some more on goals through out the year too. Hope 2013 is off to a fab start for you.


  4. M says

    Thanks for this Nicole! Very timely. I am sorting a 2013 goals list at the moment but seem to getting bogged down on how to fit the daily/micro stuff I’ve got to get done as well as the larger goals for the year. If its ok to ask you, how did you come to choose the categories you use for goal setting?
    Thanks again for a great blog!
    M (WA)

    • says

      Hi M,

      Just back from holidays, hence the delay in my response. I cam up with these categories as they are the 4 key areas of my life. I never aim for the perfection of balance in my life as the reality of what happens is my time can often be needed in bursts, but if I have main goals for each of these categories, this helps me make sure no single area of my life is neglected.

  5. says

    I love seeing the different ways that people set goals and utilize goals in their lives. I particular relate to the idea of really assessing how something connects to your goals before committing.

    • says

      Thanks Jen. Already using this technique I have made some better decisions just in the first couple of weeks of this year. I just need to make sure I stick to it!