Pumpkin and Quinoa Soup + Soup and Co Give Away (RRP$299.95)


Congratulations to Belinda who has won the fabulous Soup and Co.  Her comment was as follows:

Our family and school soup day favourite is Creamy Chicken and Corn Chowder, a deliciously thick, filling and nutritious soup that smells divine!!
With 4 younger children at home and a husband with MS, the cleaning function would HAVE to be my pick of features, anything that saves me time (especially cleaning up as I work nights) has got my stamp of approval!!
This would be perfect for our household as I work 5/6 nights per week and am always preparing dinners ahead – this way I can get everything prepped and hubby can just “press a button” and voila – dinner in half an hour. You little ripper!


This super delicious and nutritious pumpkin and quinoa soup was made under test circumstances! I had been given a Soup and Co by Tefal to review. According to the makers the Soup and Co creates delicious, healthy soups in just 25 minutes, with minimal effort.

I wanted to see if I could really make this machine work for me. I have been wary of buying machines that have numbers and programs, worried that I will be stuck having to cook their recipes. If you have been reading the blog for a while you will know that lots of the recipes I cook come from combinations of my favorite parts of multiple recipes.

I cooked my first, a Red Lentil Curry Soup as per the instructions and it was ridiculously easy to make and tasted great. The kids weren’t so keen on it, but I knew they wouldn’t be and actually made it for me to freeze for my lunches!

But I needed to see if I could make the Soup and Co work well for me with other recipes, particularly those of my own creation. So I decided to try a brand new soup after dropping master 11 at footy training and see if I could have it ready for us to eat as soon as I came back from picking him up.

Verdict = success!

For the soup I knew I wanted to have pumpkin, some other veggies and quinoa as the ingredients. The manual which comes with the Soup and Co gives you almost a type of formula for the quantities, which you can mix around:

  • There are examples if how much liquid you need for the quantities if veggies used.
  • The harder veggies liks carrots will need longer to cook, more like the 35 min max.
  • Smoother soups cook on setting one.

With all the right ingredients on hand, I set about making the soup and it was indeed ready to serve when we came in from football training!

Pumpkin and Quinoa Soup


  • 800 mls vegetable stock
  • 1 medium onion (100 grams)
  • 2 cloves of garlic
  • 600 grams pumpkin
  • 2 large carrots (200 grams)
  • 1 celery stalk
  • 1/2 cup quinoa
  • pepper
  • salt

Pumpkin and Quinoa Soup
I started making the Pumpkin and Quinoa Soup just before 5pm.

Pumpkin and Quinoa Soup
Preparing all the ingredients took me about 25 minutes, but after that all my hard work was done. The rest was up to the Soup and Co.

Pumpkin and Quinoa Soup
I added the veggies and the quinoa.

Pumpkin and Quinoa Soup
Then the stock.

Pumpkin and Quinoa Soup
Put the lid on and set the program on number one and extended the time to 35 minutes and let it go.

I had time to quickly tidy up and stack dishes I had used in the dishwasher and put on a load of washing, before leaving to pick up master 11 from footy training.

The Soup and Co will keep soups warm for 40 minutes after the program has finished.

Pumpkin and Quinoa Soup
Back home from the footy training run and the Soup and Co was keeping our soup warm.

Pumpkin and Quinoa Soup
This was a very big amount of soup – I had filled the bowl to the absolute maximum and as such there were still a couple of chunks.

Pumpkin and Quinoa Soup
I used the blender function for a minute to make it smoother, which is my preference.

Pumpkin and Quinoa Soup
6.22pm and we were all sitting down to some beautiful Pumpkin and Quinoa Soup and toast. And these test conditions were the real deal, complete with sibling squabbling and preschooler over tired melt down interruptions!

The Soup and Co has a cleaning function as well. Once you use that, it is just a matter of wiping out with a sponge and the Soup and Co is ready to go again.

You could easily cook this soup in a traditional stock pot. Simply follow the instructions for my Pumpkin Soup recipe, but use the ingredients listed above.

Pumpkin and Quinoa Soup
Recipe type: soup
  • 800 mls vegetable stock
  • 1 medium onion (100 grams)
  • 2 cloves of garlic
  • 600 grams pumpkin
  • 2 large carrots (200 grams)
  • 1 celery stalk
  • ½ cup quinoa
  • pepper
  • salt
  1. I started making the Pumpkin and Quinoa Soup just before 5pm.
  2. Preparing all the ingredients took me about 25 minutes, but after that all my hard work was done. The rest was up to the Soup and Co.
  3. I added the veggies and the quinoa.
  4. Then the stock.
  5. Put the lid on and set the program on number one and extended the time to 35 minutes and let it go.
  6. The Soup and Co will keep soups warm for 40 minutes after the program has finished.
  7. This was a very big amount of soup - I had filled the bowl to the absolute maximum and as such there were still a couple of chunks.
  8. I used the blender function for a minute to make it smoother, which is my preference.


What else can the Soup and Co do?

For the price of $299.95 and the space it would take up, I wanted to test out what else it could do.

I can happily tell you it makes fantastic smoothies:

Berry Smoothie
Same recipe as here – Berry Smoothie – using the Soup and Co, but much easier as I could make it in bulk.

Protein Smoothie
Protein Smoothie

I used it to make a cake:
Teacake - Apple and Cinnamon
Apple and Cinnamon Teacake

And it also works just as a traditional blender and has an ice function to crush ice.

Soup and Co Review
This will be an appliance I will be using frequently through out my week. I have happily moved it from the window box, where I photographed the Soup and Co for light purposes and given it its own special place on my kitchen bench.

Soup and Co Give Away

Thanks to Tefal, one lucky reader of Planning With Kids will win their very own Soup and Co!

To enter visit the Tefal website and then leave a comment here to tell me which one of the features of the Soup and Co you like the best and what soup they would like to cook using the machine.

The following conditions apply to this give away:

    • The giveaway is open to Australian residents only.
    • You may only enter once.
    • Entries close at 5pm Mon 30th July and will be announced on the blog Monday 13th August.
    • Planning With Kids will shortlist 10 entries and representatives from Tefal will select the final winner.
    • Winner will be notified by email and if a response isn’t received within 48 hours, another winner will be chosen.
    • Good luck!

For more recipe ideas, useful tips and chances to win, connect with Tefal on the Tefal facebook page and twitter account.


  1. says

    I love the keep warm function! Our favourite family soup is Chinese chicken and sweet corn, so that would have to be my starting point.

  2. says

    What an amazing machine. I think the quick soup with the “keep warm” function would be my favourite. But is so hard to chose when it does so many amazing things. The crushing ice would be 2nd favourite, I’ve always wanted to be able to do that when making green smoothies.
    The recipe I would try would be the Cream of Red Lentil with Curry, we all love our lentils soups here and that seems so easy and so yummy.
    Thank you for such a great offer and sharing your experiences.

  3. Pamela says

    This looks amazing! I love that it cleans itself, as I hate washing up. Their Chicken Tom Yam soup sounds pretty good too.

  4. Shelley says

    What a fantastic machine! A Soup and co. would compliment my ‘kitchen’ wonderfully. Two small children, renovations that have me without a kitchen for 18 months now, anything electric and compact is my cooking buddy. If it cleans itself, then even better.
    I love the sound of the pumpkin and quinoa soup, actually going to make it today. Thanks for the insight to this great device.

  5. Rebecca says

    Live love love it. Love that is an be used for a range of things not just soup. Love the keep warm function. Fav soup is Cauliflower, potato and bacon yum. Wouldloveto try and cook that.

  6. Shelley says

    Love the fact it is a soup maker and blender in one – I have a smoothie every day for breakfast and love soups so a great product! Would like to try making the Chicken Tom Yam Soup :)

  7. Kathleen says

    Definitely the self clean function! I wish everything I used came with that. I so wish I had time to cook more soup as its the perfect way to get lots of veggies into my picky kids. This would make it SO much easier to do that. I’d love to cook my winter veggie soup or this delicious recipe I have for Mexican Tomato Soup.

  8. Holly says

    The cleaning function is the winner for me! I love this idea of set and forget cooking… its the reason I love my slow cookers (yes, plural) the most… I would love to make a good hearty pea and ham soup. I haven’t made one this winter so far as I am the only one who will eat it and it all seems like too much work if I’m the only one going to enjoy it…

  9. Suzi says

    I love that it is so easy to make the soup chunky or smooth depending on the type of soup you make and the people you are feeding (smooth for the littlies). I would love to try some pea and ham soup in this.

  10. Deb says

    I love soup and often make myself some for lunch. I love that you can put it on and leave it. I hate leaving soup on the stove – it always seems to catch.

  11. says

    Oh wow – I made pumpkin soup this weekend too, but with the old fashioned saucepan and hand blender. I love making soups and this Tefal Soup and Co appliance would be fantastic! :)

  12. SarahN says

    Wow, to be honest I started skeptical – surely you don’t need a machine to make soup! But you had me when you started telling me it would also work like a blender, on ice and smoothies. And then you made a cake! Now I’m convinced! It’s hard to get a place on my kitchen team (limited space for both storage and on benches in my loft). So this is a blender on steroids with a fantastic ability to warm things, and keep them warm too!

    I’m pretty interested in soup with quinoa – I have made soups with barley, but never tried with quinoa, and I know it’s a great no-gluten option. I’d also love to try a great leek and potato soup – there’s really nothing better!

  13. Dianne Whittle says

    I love everything about the Tefal Soup and Co, but love the way you can throw everything in there and leave it. But the biggest bonus is the blending function , no more soup splattered messes all over my stove! I love the warming function so I can make the soup up and keep it warm till my husband gets home – as an Ambulance officer he is rarely home on time so I’m constantly having to try and keep meals hot for him. I also love the ice blending function because he has lots of smoothies for breakfast and it would be so much quicker and easier and cleaner. I too like appliances that do more than one thing – I hate having big, bulky machines that take up so much room in the kitchen but only perform one function.

  14. Juliet says

    I love the fact that it has multiple functions. I am usually skeptical of these type of appliances as you could have an appliance for every task but nowhere to store them all! I also love that it is big – for my sized family I need to cook large amounts of food!! I would love to try the pumpkin and quinoa soup – the kids love pumpkin soup but I’m always trying to add things to make it healthier. Never thought of adding quinoa…

  15. Carly says

    It self-cleans?!
    I’ll take twenty!
    I’d love to make minestrone soup in it. I made a big batch yesterday, but with all the prep, then the cooking, and THEN the cleaning – I was so tired, and it was only a lunch meal! If the Tefal Soup and Co can do all it does for me and my family, then it’s a welcome addition.

  16. Cassy Stevens says

    I love the fact that there’s no stirring needed, lock it in and walk away – awesome!

  17. Jo Seed says

    The 3 easy settings so you have a choice of smooth or chunky PLUS cleaning program – YES!! I also like the look of Tefals Winter Vegetable Soup recipe, quick and easy, even for me!!

  18. says

    I like how it cooks the soup & then keeps it warm – perfect for me as I get like to get the meal ready in advance & then relax & then eat!
    Oh and the soup… I’d make my ‘Bendy Carrot” soup – aka “clear out the fridge” soup that I make each week!!

  19. Nicole White says

    I love the 5 speeds + “Ice Crusher”….great for Gazpacho, Vichyssoise and in particular gorgeous homemade smoothies!

  20. Jade Osland says

    I love the self cleaning function! ( if only my sons had this function!) Less clean up I have to do, the better. I’d love to try my cauliflower and leek soup in this!

  21. Tracy Boulter says

    I am most impressed with the 2.8 litre sized cooking jug which allows for a generous soup cook up with the 2 programs to choose the consistency desired. I would love to make piping hot Potato & Leek soup in the soup maker, served with a sprinkle of parmesan cheese.

  22. Cathryn Julius says

    I love the fact it keeps the soup nice and warm
    Whereas In a saucepan it would come to harm.
    We have had a lot of colds and flus here this year
    So Chicken Tom Yam soup would bring back the cheer.

  23. Nicolle Sachs says

    I really like that it has different settings for the texture of the soup because some days you may want a really smooth one but another time it might need to be a bit more chunky. The added bonus is the ice machine because my girls are always asking for a amoosthy even now in winter.

  24. Belinda says

    Our family and school soup day favourite is Creamy Chicken and Corn Chowder, a deliciously thick, filling and nutritious soup that smells divine!!
    With 4 younger children at home and a husband with MS, the cleaning function would HAVE to be my pick of features, anything that saves me time (especially cleaning up as I work nights) has got my stamp of approval!!
    This would be perfect for our household as I work 5/6 nights per week and am always preparing dinners ahead – this way I can get everything prepped and hubby can just “press a button” and voila – dinner in half an hour. You little ripper!

  25. Jacie says

    I have been wanting to buy a blender for a while, but couldn’t justify the space in our small kitchen being taken up by an appliance that “just blends”. We have a food processor, so I have felt I should cope with that, even though it doesn’t really make soups very smooth at all :-(

    For me then, the standout aspect of the Soup and Co is that it is more than just a blender – it cooks and keeps warm too. Kind of like a quasi “slow cooker”. It would definitely be worth its space in any kitchen.

    Our favourite family soup recipe is the Roasted Red Capsicum from the CSIRO cookbook (can find a copy here: http://australian.food.com/recipe/roast-red-capsicum-bell-pepper-and-tomato-soup-428254).

  26. Raquel says

    This machine sounds like an absolute gem, I love my food processor but this would be a fantastic chance to cut down on transferring ingredients from one appliance to another to cook, WOW. Choice of textures is a great for my fussy family and the chance to make a decent smoothy would put a huge smile on my face (:
    Since I am introducing Quinoa to the family I am trying your recipe this week, would be interesting to see the difference between the Soup and Co and the way I normally make soup.
    Thanks Raquel

  27. Bron says

    I’d love the ability to chop vegies when I have a moment, break up a squabble, turn the Soup & Co. on, investigate the noise under the kitchen table, put a load of washing on, stop the toddler from feeding his snack to the dog, sweep the floor, load the dishwasher, clean up the dog vomit after she’s been eating salami and cheese sandwiches, check my emails, change a nappy, make my bed and then……………………………….VOILA!!! Soup is magically ready for hungry children and one tired mummy. I think the Soup & Co. is superb for mums because it requires minimal fuss and attention…………………….it just gets on and does the job……………………like most mums!

  28. Louise says

    I love the sound of a cold and flu fighter soup! with two girls at pre-school we get a lot of winter bugs – less missed days at pre-school the better. sounds like a great addition to the kitchen!

  29. Stevie says

    I was interested to see that you were testing out the Soup and co as i have been seeing the ads on television recently and thinking to myself “the last thing i need on my bench is an appliance that blends soup, i already have a food processor and stick blender, what else could it do but take up oh such precious space.” Your review showed the many many uses of the Soup and co and with one of those on the bench i could pack away the blenders, and with the keep warm function i would not have to worry about turning on the stove to re-heat the soup each and every time some one wanted a bowl. i also love that it can crush ice (perfect for a sneaky cocktail after the little ones bedtime) and make smoothies and create soups with different textures. A family favorite of ours is Chinese chicken and corn soup so that would be the first thing that i would test out on the Soup and co.

  30. Sandra says

    That self-cleaning function sounds like my dream!! Although the keep warm function also sounds great – what could be better than coming home from swimming lessons to find that the soup maker has done all the work and dinner is ready! (Especially if I was organised enough to have the breadmaker going at the same time!) Mmmmm Home-made soup and bread for tired little kiddos so that they get to bed on time! Brilliant!

  31. says

    It looks like an excellent time saver! I like the keep warm function and would use it to make greek lentil soup (a stock standard in our house) – perfect when I’m working from home!

  32. Jacinta says

    Keep warm up to 40 mins means you could be cooking dinner while out with after school activites and when you arrive home soup is made and still warm ready to serve. Would love to cook my chicken and vegie soup in this.

  33. Eva says

    AUTOMATIC CLEANING!! Seriously, how fabulous is that?? I hate to admit that I often don’t cook soup because of the whole ‘cleaning the mixer and the saucepan and the spoons, etc’ production.
    We love the good old carrot and orange soup that my Mum used to make for dinner parties during the 80;s :)

  34. sandi says

    i would love to own a Soup & Co, the automatic cleaning program feature is such a plus for me. sometimes cleaning appliances like blenders are time consuming this feature is my number one. my old blender is a shocker for cleaning. I would love to make our family favorite roasted carrot soup and also a banana and honey smoothie as they are a real hit with my 3 year old daughter. Cheers.

  35. tracie says

    Wow really it cooks, blends and even more cleans itself!!! Def have to get/win one. Mmmm that Chicken tom yam soup is calling.

  36. Elisabeth Brown says

    I think the keep warm function is a brilliant idea. The soup I’d love to make in the Soup & Co is my sweet potato, carrot & ginger soup!
    P.s and how handy is that self-clean function, as a mother of five this appliance sounds like my right hand man in the kitchen!

  37. Tanene Donnelly says

    I love that it has an automatic cleaning program AND that it keeps the soup warm for up to 40 minutes. I would love to make Pumpkin Minestrone soup in it if I was lucky enough to win. That’s my all time favourite soup, and could be made so much quicker and easier with this little beauty!

  38. Sam Hewitt-Brown says

    What more would you ask for
    With sauces, soups, smoothies and so much more
    The tefal Soup & co
    Will bring back my cooking mojo
    With smooth or chunky textures
    My family wont now give me lectures
    Ill cook the chicken tom yam soup
    To prevent the cold and flu gloop
    The cleaning is quick
    And the goods wont stick
    With its auto keep warm
    I can do things out of the norm
    Its an idea you cant live without
    It looks fantastic i want to shout
    Ice crusher to make smoothies
    Man im going to make some doozies
    A soup maker & a blender in one
    This im sure will be so much fun

  39. Jayne says

    OH WOW! Am so excited at the chance to win this! My 3 year old is a “fussy” eater – but loves soup! This would be a way I could sneak fresh vege’s and meat into her diet!
    The three different texture settings would have to be my favourite feature. It would allow me to blend everything to a smooth texture and the “little one” wouldn’t know what “goodies” she was eating!!
    And, I could enjoy the chunky texture …. Something to suit all the family!

  40. Cathy Bailey says

    That it can cook and blend the soup – saves time, mess and you only need to wash one thing! oh and I really like that it’s made in France and not China!!!!!!!

  41. Cathy Bailey says

    and I’d love to make the soup you’ve made. Pumpkin and Quinoa are 2 of my favs but I’ve never made them together in a soup

  42. Averil says

    For our family the keep warm function is great, as the kids all come home at varied times from finishing after school activities and on the weekends, also my husband and I both work shift work. This function means i would no longer have to heat up everyones dinner when they get home, i simply have to serve it from the machine still warm and ready to go.
    The great thing for me about winter, our houses real soup season, is the ability to cram lots of vegetables into meals without them being noticed and picked out. All our soups are jam packed with goodness. Our families favorite is Lentil, Spinach and Lemon soup, but I love soups as they have no rules, i can just have a hunt through the cupboards, freezer and vegie crisper and always find something yummy to put together.

  43. Catherine says

    This looks like a very handy little machine. I love how versatile it is. Not only can it cook soups (and I would definitely be trying out my Grandma’s creamy potato soup recipe in this if I won) but it can crush ice! I think I’m in love!!!

  44. Elizabeth Evans says

    This machine looks like it will be able to save me a lot of precious time in the kitchen. With 5 kids I have to make things in bulk. I am always searching for new ways to make healthy and appetising foods for my kids. Soup on a cold day, crushed ice and smoothies on a hot day.. and the fact that it’s easy to operate(and clean).. what more could a busy mum ask for?!

  45. Mary Preston says

    The “cleaning program for quick washing” has to be my favourite feature. I don’t use a lot of my kitchen gadgets because they are horrific to clean. Bravo!!

    I would love to make either a Spicy Tomato Soup or my Creamy, Dreamy Pumpkin Soup. Both ideal for cold Winter days.

  46. Rebecca says

    What I love is that not only will it make beautiful soups but also can be used for smoothies and cake batters and am sure there are other ideas that this clever appliance can do! A versatile and functional appliance which would not just sit in the cupboard! Love to make Red Lentil Curry Soup:)

  47. Laura Jilka says

    The heat and cold functions! Keep soups warm & crushes ice for smoothies! My favourite foods dealt with.

  48. Angela Maling says

    I Love the cleaning function of the soup and co! I think that the idea of cleaning appliances is THE BIGGEST turn off so I would definitley be using that function, I have also seen “first hand” the damage blender blades can do to fingers when cleaning and think that this would be easily avoided with the soup and co. We eat soup at least once a week in our house during winter and our favourite by far is potato and leek :)

  49. Caroline says

    The cleaning function sounds divine. No more trying to clean the bits from underneath the blade!!! I also love the fact that it is an all-in-one appliance. I would make one of my favourite summer soups of Lettuce, Cucumber and Peas as I love making soups all year round.

  50. Jo says

    The automatic switch over to keep warm would be my love as this means it will keep the soup from over cooking (I do this regularly!!!) and parsnip soup or asparagus soup are the things that would be first on a very long list

  51. Tammy says

    The list in endless, but u can’t go past the automatic switch to the keep warm setting. With three kids running around,I cant tell you how many times I have forgotten food on the stove. Also, the fact I can organise dinner earlier and remain warm untill it’s time to eat is a bonus. I’m sure I’ll be making lots of pumpkin soup (family favourite) with this fantastic product. I love it!!

  52. Michelle says

    So many great functions by the sounds of it, but to be honest for me the automated cleaning program is a big bonus with the Tefal Soup & Co! Thats what usually turns me off using appliances like juicers & such- the cleaning! If I was lucky enough to win a Soup & Co, a carrot & ginger soup (with lemon cream) would be first of the ranks! I’ve found soups are the easiest way to get vege’s into my fussy four year old, so no doubt this appliance would be on high rotation in this household. By the way, thanks for the pumpkin & quinoa soup recipe

  53. Therese says

    Definitely the automated cleaning function for me as I love anything that minimizes clean up time. Vegetable and Ravioli soup would be what I would cook as the whole family loves it

  54. Jasmine1485 says

    The automated cleaning function sounds like a dream come true – all the warming, soupy love without the bring-down of the clean up afterwards! I’d celebrate by whipping up a delicious potato, bacon and leek soup, and eating it with a big dollop of sour cream, oh yeah. :)

  55. Allison Clark says

    Those busy afternoons just seem more appealing knowing there is a one stop solution on the bench cooking a delicious soup, keeping it warm while the kids keep me crazy and then cleaning itself up! What is not to love! :-)

  56. Dee says

    Love the ice crushing function, so it’s still useful during the Summer cocktail season.
    I’d make pea soup. As strange as this sounds, I hate pea’s but love pea soup but it has to be blended so I don’t see any whole pea’s!!

  57. says

    Oh this looks amazing & would be so perfect for our homemade soup loving family in a Canberra Winter. So it really does enough for a large family, brilliant!!
    I just popped over to say how much i loved your post on Corrie’s blog today, viva la grand famile!! So refreshing to read about mums loving their lives & families around them. Gorgeous you, love Posie

  58. Diana O says

    Keep warm up to 40 mins is my favourite feature, with my household of boys always dragging their heels to the dinner table. Cream of chicken soup is the one I’d love to make in this machine, it’s all our favourite.

  59. Donato says

    Full colour recipe book is my favourite feature, this Dad needs all the help he can get!! A curried pumpkin soup would be the one to make for me, it tastes great & is so easy.

  60. Cecilia Bell says

    Gotta love the cleaning program! My daughter loves to cook but doesn’t like the cleaning up so much. I would make a chicken and sweetcorn soup, a favourite recipe of mine.

  61. Catherine says

    This sounds perfect in so many ways. At the moment we are all fighting colds so to have the soup and co. cooking us a big batch of chicken tom yam to help fight the bugs and warm up our tummies would be fantastic. Plus knowing the soup and co had an automatic cleaning program would make the process of having to cook when feeling miserable just a little better.

  62. GiGi says

    French Love Affair! Begins with ease of quick delicious meal and finishes with a crushed ice cocktail! (Oh, did someone say automatic self clean too – heaven!).
    As I snap out of dream with sick toddler attached to lap, my 1st Soup of choice would have to be the Cold & Flu Fighter – Chicken Tom Yam.

  63. Pauline says

    The cleaning function sounds like a dream come true as does the keep warm function because I have a house full of grazers :)

  64. Sal says

    What a great idea I love the chunky to smooth option and would make the cold and flu fighter. I’m sick of being sick! Time for a vitamin boost with minimal work!!

  65. Linda Hynson says

    The warming function is my fave-i would cook my signature potato and leek soup:-)

  66. Colina says

    The most useful option on this machine would be the cleaning function! I have a blender which I could use, but I didn’t clean it properly once and the rubber seals got mouldy.
    With five hungry and demanding young kids, anything to make life easier during the ‘witching hours’ gets my vote! PS: My kids like chicken and sweet corn the best.

  67. Abbey Richards says

    Love the 3 settings to adjust the smooth/chunkiness of the soup! Would definitely be making the Pumpking soup, strangely I can’t eat enough pumpkin during this pregnancy!!??

  68. Laura Carey says

    The “Keep Warm” setting would be invaluable, since hubby is consistently late home from work and walks in to a lukewarm meal! I would love to make curried red lentil soup- delicious, hearty and wholesome.

  69. Andi Hayman says

    Love the fact that the Soup & Co is capable of large quantities. It seems quite compact I was suspicious that it would not be big enough to cater for a large familty. Big tick from me.

  70. Alison Wilson says

    Wow, what a brilliant product! I love that it is ‘a soup maker & a blender in one’. I love to add lots of veggies but my girls won’t eat chunky soup. I normally have to get up early and put it in the slow cooker, then when it’s done blend with a stick blender. The Soup & Co would be such a time saver!

    I would cook what my girls call ‘Frog Soup’ – potato, leek and broccoli.

  71. Fleur Thompson says

    With incredibly innovative cooking equipment which preserves the nutritional values of foods, Tefal has come up with a culinary revelation! It’s cooks and cleans what more could you want!

  72. Rachael A says

    An automated cleaning function??
    Be still my beating heart!
    A dream come true for this busy Mum,
    But that is just the start…

    Sunday night is soup night here
    It’s the one thing my boys will always eat
    Pumpkin is our favourite one
    It’s always such a treat.

    The Soup and Co sounds perfect
    For this soup loving girl…
    And the bonus…it crushes ice for cocktails too!!
    I can’t wait to give it a whirl.

  73. Jodi Mollard says

    I love EVERYTHING about this product, there are just SO many wonderful features. I have five children, my husband recently ‘dropped’ (and broke) our blender, and my old crockpot purchased over 15 years ago has just stopped working too. The feature I like the best would have to be the ability to ‘whip up’ a wonderful soup, smoothie or pudding that would feed our family of 7 in just 25 minutes. We eat soup about w or 3 times a week, so this would be PERFECT! This is so great, that even my husband and older kids (aged 14 and 17) could use it to make meals regularly to give me a break too!!!!

  74. Bec says

    My favourite feature has to be the option to have a fine or thick soup – it means the whole family will be satisfied depending on their preference – and soup is so great for bumping up the vegie factor!

  75. Nicole says

    I love that it keeps the soup warm once ready! I would like to cook the Cold & Flu Fighter – Chicken Tom Yam soup!
    It may even motivate other members of the family into the kitchen to prepare dinner too!

  76. Jade says

    Love the fact it’s so easy and is such a time saver in both cooking and cleaning up!!

  77. Melissa Wilkes says

    A Super Easy Soup function sells me, the thought of dragging my “larger than life mix chopper machine and finding the long lost attachments scares me…” This sounds perfect.!

  78. Sue says

    The Keep Warm setting would be great as my teenagers are always coming and going so no more reheating. I would cook my favourite pumpkin & sweet potatoe soup.

  79. Karen Kitto says

    Having 5 speeds to choose from is wonderful but the pulse button is by half my favourite. It allows you to determine the outcome.

  80. Heather says

    All looks great but i particularly like the cleaning program for quick washing. So many appliances do good stuff but are a pain to wash. This one sounds like the complete bundle. I think it’ll be perfect for my curried lentil soup.

  81. says

    The self cleaning function definitely sounds like a winning factor for me, but also the fact that it is so versatile! Amazing that you could even make a cake in it!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  82. Vicky says

    two magic words – quick washing because I have a household that’spermanently on fast forward!!

  83. Kirsten says

    I think the best features would be between the “keep warm” function, with being in and out after school with activity drop offs and pick ups is a life saver and the versatility, if i can get a new gadget and get rid of 2-3 old unused ones…great! I would love to cook my cream of cauliflower soup in it.

  84. Anj says

    The Soup & Co has got me sold, on Auto Clean and smooth soups like a dream. Any beautiful machine that eases the job of a working mum is a winner to me, with the Cream of Red Lentil Curry going down a treat.

  85. Louise B says

    Keeping soup nice and hot for 40 minutes wins me over. I would cook my fantastic pea and ham soup with tabasco. Delicious!

  86. Steph says

    Having this appliance in our small kitchen would make cooking easier and more enjoyable for me as I could clear the benches and cupboards from other no longer needed appliances and have more space on the benches to work on. Pumpkin soup is always a winner.

  87. Michelle says

    I love a product that does more than one thing. A soup maker that doubles as a blender! How fantastic. Just when I had been thinking that my stick blender just didn’t cut it. I love a soup in winter, actually I love soup all year round. I’d have a try at the Chicken Tom Yam first, I have never made one before. With baby number 2 on the way, it looks like it would be the perfect machine to make life that little bit less hectic.

  88. deanna says

    There was an older woman who lived in a shoe had so many children she didn’t know what to do. With my large family of 10 using this machine would be the ultimate for me. From heating, blending, cooling keeping the contents warm what else could a mother want. The best thing of this product for me would be the cleaning up and myself being able to have a lovely smoothie instead of washing the dreaded dishes. Hooray for the brilliant mastermind who designed this.

  89. Caprice says

    I love the self cleaning function! My husband would be super impressed by me making dinner AND doing the dishes ;)
    Would love to see how my favourite mushroom soup went in it

  90. Kate says

    Like you, the Soup & Co will have a place of its very own right on my kitchen bench. It’s hard to pin down just one favourite feature – the keep warm setting will be handy on those busy nights where we have three separate sittings for dinner (yes, I know, it’s crazy, especially when you consider I only have 2 children), the automatic cleaning program speaks for itself – one less thing I have to do at the end of a busy day! And the savings in my time is incalculable – well, perhaps not incalculable but having dinner on the table in under 40 minutes is pretty damn good! But I think the best ‘feature’ is that I can ‘set it and forget it’ – at least for 25 mins anyway and that’s enough time to bath the kids! First recipe I would try is the Cold & Flu fighter – Tom Yam soup – because I feel like this entire winter has been a battle of the germs and because my husband loves Asian flavours!

  91. Lyndal says

    I love the self clean function, anything to decrease the workload! I’d be making my favourite soup – Jamie Oliver’s Leek and Chickpea Soup, or as my 3 year old calls it “Stegosaurus soup”….

  92. Sonya Nicole says

    I like its ice crusher setting. I’d love to make my classic Cream of Bacon and Parsnip Soup in this machine… it’s a bit labour intensive so it’d be great to see how using a soup maker will speed up the process!

  93. AmberB says

    I love the cleaning function!! Most appliances are so fiddly to clean, but this sounds so much easier. I’d love to win to make my mum’s famous (in our family anyway) vegetable soup – it’s delicious!

  94. kerrie says

    I like to plan ahead with after school snacks as the children always come home and the first thing they say is, “mum I’m hungry.” So I love the chance to make them healthy and yummy smoothies and ice crushed drinks. Tefal Soup and Co
    ice-crushing function and 5 speed will not only make the kids drinks exciting and easier to prepare but be a big hit with the mums and their after five cocktail drinks.

  95. Tamara Wade says

    You had me at pumpkin and quinoa soup and I didn’t even know what you were promoting!!!
    But seriously, I love that it has the option for smooth soup and also thicker chunky soup. We eat a lot of soup in our household, this would be the PERFECT appliance to have on My bench to prepare dinner while picking our daughter up from dancing!

  96. Tony L says

    definitely whip up the protein smoothie milkshake. Would drink it daily.

    Pumpkin soup is always on the top of my soup list for the family.

  97. Justine C says

    Hurray for the self cleaning function, a dream feature for certain!

    The first meal I would make in the Soup & Co would be my all time favourite Creamy Parmesan Pumpkin Soup, my perfect winter comfort delight!

  98. Annette M says

    Soups normally take me a few hours to cook and prepare – so being able to cook a decent soup in 35 minutes really is an appealing feature!

    I adore Split Pea and Ham soup and would be keen to try making it in the new Soup and Co!

  99. Caroline S says

    Automatic cleaning program to get all those bits that you can’t always get by hand :)
    I can’t wait to try my man’s potato & leek soup in this baby ;)

  100. Dianne Lovelock says

    The automatic cleaning program sounds fantastic! I avoid using our blender/food processor because I HATE the clean up! My husband loves Pumpkin Soup – I’d love to make it for him for a change!

  101. Fiona says

    Smoothies for the summer,
    Pumpkin soup when Melbourne’s cold,
    Cakes for teatime,
    It’s never getting old.

  102. Ingrid says

    i am loving my new machine. it is great to get new recipes- thank you for your invention. if you create new ones can you please share? can you share your teacake recipe? do you think you can make sauces in it like hollandaise sauce?
    thanks for your help in getting the most out of the soup & co
    ingrid :)

  103. Megan Meyers says

    I would definitely make potato and bacon chowder. Perfect comfort food and readdy (apparently) in a jiffy!!!!!

  104. Sarah says

    The automatic cleaning feature would have to be the best feature! I like the sound of the Cream of Red Lentil with Curry soup that is listed on the web site. Sounds very easy to make and the recipe has only “store cupboard” ingredients which is means I could usually make this out of what is on hand.

  105. Naomi Pulleine says

    I love the keep warm setting! With my refluxy 6month old i cant count how many times i have been lovingly ‘distracted’ from dinner preperations. This feature would come in very handy! I would cook up the family favourite creamy pumpkin soup. literally the ONLY meal every single soul will devour without one complaint! infact.. im thinking soups, babyfood, smoothies, oh the possibilities!! La la larveee the quick clean setting also! anything that makes my life a little easier gets the big tick in my book!!!

  106. Roberto Colombi says

    The Ice Crusher – would really kick some ‘Ice’ on those summer days keeping my son’s drinks chilled!

  107. Marie Pohnetalova says

    The Blender Function – so that all my cooking escapades can havde a Happy Blending!

  108. carl dunning says

    1100 WATTS of pure grunt is a healthy aid in dicing those molecules up into a scientific genius dish. The auto cleaning function just wants me to stand ………and start a slow clap in admiration as it leaves me more time for eating and enjoying the spoils of victory

  109. Linda Tan says

    Ice crusher! I always wanted one. Frappes here I come. Looking at the soup recipes though, chicken tom yum soup definitely has my tastebuds tingling and my stomach grumbling.

  110. Simone says

    I love the sound of the cleaning function – anything to make life easier.
    I would love to try making my “chilli orange soup” – pumpkin, sweet potato, carrot and chilli flakes. Even the kids who don’t touch orange vegetables will eat this.

  111. Karen Turner says

    The cleaning function is my favourite, less mess to clean up. I’ve been wanting to try out a Mexican Tomato & Lime soup recipe I have that’s supposed to be delicious.

  112. Holly says

    It was so difficult to choose just one feature as my favourite. We are planning renovations and will be living in our house throughout the renos with a very basic kitchen in our hallway. Being able to make soup when we have just a table and powerpoint to cook with would be amazing. I really like the Automatic Cleaning Program as it the perfect last step to making soup in such an easy way. The soup I would cook is red lentil and vegetable as it is our family’s favourite.

  113. Leanne Gaudry says

    Something that cleans & cooks?? I’ll swap you for my husband!!
    What a great addition to the kitchen. A cleaning function would be such a help, sometimes these kitchen gadgets can be so frustrating to clean properly that they almost put you off using them. I can’t wait to make minestrone using it

  114. Anita says

    A machine that could whip up healthy, warming soup for my kids and a Margherita for me! What’s not to love?!

  115. Allison Strickland says

    This machine was born to live in our family! Our family of four loves soup, we have it at least once a week for dinner as a family and throughout the week as lunches, my small children adore soup. What I love about this appliance is that it does all the work for me, no extra pots, stick blenders, ladels etc to use and clean. I would be able to cook my family’s favourite kumara and chickpea soup, keep it warm while I do the preschool pickup (without having something boiling on the stove), then dinner is ready when we walk in the door and I would pour the leftovers into freezer bags for lunch. Happy dreams. :)

  116. Mick says

    I love the fact that its a soup maker & a blender in one – a very handy combination indeed. Have to see how my chicken, vegetable and curry soup recipe goes with this excellent machine

  117. jenelle newton says

    I love the “2 Cooking programs: Fine and Thick soup” feature. I really would like to get my mums minestrone recipe and give it a go. My favorite all time soup and I never get time to make it! Plus it looks great for some baby food recipes.

  118. Micaela says

    Hard to pick just one, but the self cleaning bit sounds fantastic, especially after a long day

  119. Kirsten W says

    The cleaning function. Anything that is simple and easy to clean gets my vote. No use having a fantastic appliance if it takes you 3 hours to clean it!

  120. Zoey says

    This would be amazing – my 4 year old loves Pumpkin & Lentil Soup and it would be a breeze to blitz this up in the Soup & Co. I love the ice crusher component too – I can see me happily sipping a Strawberry Daiquiri after cooking the family some healthy soup for dinner (made even easier with the self-cleaning option…no more cuts from cleaning blender blades in the sink, ouch!).

  121. Kirsten sherwell says

    It’s hard to choose just one feature, because any appliance that let’s me get more multitasking in is a winner! If I had to pick, though, I like that you can cook and blend in the one place.

  122. Jo says

    The Tefal Soup & Co has so many wonderful features it is hard to pick just one – the company has clearly put done the research to produce such a good product. I particularly like the fact that it keeps the soup warm for 40 minutes after cooking. This allows family members on different schedules to be able to eat hot soup without worrying about whether the soup is sticking to the bottom of the saucepan I am trying to keep it warm in! I would love to cook my Curried Potato Tomato and Garlic soup in this soup maker – hmm, I may have only just had breakfast but I could have some now!

  123. Alison White says

    The Tefal Soup & Co sounds fantastic – exactly what I need to encourage my kids to eat soup! I love the multiple uses, but the BEST is the self clean function. I read all the time about appliances that are great, but are a pain to clean and therefore sit abandoned in the cupboard because it’s ‘too much hassle’ to clean them afterwards. Hooray, useful and convenient, well done TEFAL

  124. Jasmine Ewart says

    I like the self-cleaning function. Who wants to clean up after cooking something delicious!! I would like to make the chicken noodle soup if I won this prize

  125. Vicki F says

    After a busy day of work and after school activities the Tefal Soup & Co will make getting dinner on the table a pleasure. Fast, tasty and healthy minestrone soup packed with nicely hidden veges, for some members of the family, is always a favourite. But how good will the “self clean function” be! Amazing Tefal technology! Eradicating dishes is something the whole family will enjoy!

  126. Alison says

    I love that this machine can make soup in 25 minutes. Quicker than Jamie’s 30 Minute dinners!

  127. Cathy Hickey says

    I like the blender function which would be very convenient when making my cauliflower and cheese soup.

  128. leia says

    I love the keep warm function…so while i am freezing at soccer training waiting for the kids i can look forward to nice warn dinner when i walk in the door.

  129. Lee says

    To say that I love the cleaning function would be a HUUUUUUGE understatement. Yes, the Soup & Co cleans itself. U-huh, I don’t have to clean it, IT CLEANS ITSELF.
    Seriously, what else can a buy mum ask for!?

    I’d be making a hearty big batch of minestrone, and then yep, you guessed it, the fabulous Tefal Soup & Co would be cleaning itself while the family and I sat down to enjoy our belly warming minestrone.

  130. Elizabeth Davey says

    for nights when you want to dine fine, or nights when you warm your heart through your belly the 2 cooking programs: Fine & Thick soup is the feature I like the most. A soup I would like to cook to tantilise tastebuds would be a lettuce soup – unisial but devine

  131. Kim says

    How could you go past the automatic cleaning feature? Stroke of pure genius by the folks at Tefal. The Cream of Red Lentil with Curry soup wins for me as it has such simple ingredients that are generally already in the cupboard. Perfect for those nights when dinner doesn’t happen easily.

  132. Karlene says

    I’d make pumpkin soup. It’s my absolutely favourite soup and I add bacon to my recipe. My current blender doesn’t make the bacon completely smooth and hubby complains that it’s lumpy. I love that the Tefal has three settings – so I can have chunky and he can have smooth. Brilliant!

  133. Jennifer B. says

    Working all day, then bathing and feeding.
    Family cuisine? It’s SMART cooking I’m needing.
    THAI VEGETABLE SOUP for us: kids all eagerly eat,
    Love that TIMER for carefree cooking! Turns itself off too… SWEET!!!

  134. Jodie Taylor says

    The automatic cleaning function, hello! as a busy mum of 3 with no dishwasher this just sings to me! I would love to try my husbands recipe for New England Clam Chowder in this!

  135. Helen Gray says

    I love the fact that it has a keep warm setting for once thte soup has finished cooking.

  136. sam says

    Self-cleaning function, what bliss, and my low-fat minestrone soup, like the Soupmaker, will take your “breadth” away.

  137. Maria L says

    When you’re pressed for time, ladling soup into a blender one ladle at a time is time consuming. I love the blender function and would love to cook, blend and enjoy a beautifully smooth Thai inspired Pumpkin Soup

  138. Lucy Moore says

    I love the fact it does soups and smoothies and is a blender. I’d love to try the chicken tom yam soup as we’ve been so sick since moving to Melbourne. I am really needing to eat more healthily and lose some weight, soups are always the key for me and this would make it so simple as I’d also need to cook other meals for the kids.

  139. Ying Ying Tan says

    I am very interested in the ‘Fine and Thick Soup Programs’. I am thinking of my signature Mushroon & Pepper Soup, but very keen to try a Mushroom & Pepper Gravy for my Wagyu Steak using that ‘Thick soup’ program, wonder if it will work?

  140. Natalie Stoute says

    So many fantastic features, but the ‘keep warm’ function is definitely my favourite. With three young boys, I often struggle with the evening routine. Having dinner cooked and keeping warm, I can attend to helping with homework, a bath for the little one or a quick tidy up before we sit down.

    One of my favourite soups is roasted capsicum and tomato. A hearty, nutritious soup that is full of flavour. This would be perfect to cook in the Tefal Soup & Co Maker and serve with thick toasted bread or caramelised onion muffins.

  141. Kate M says

    Soup in 25 minutes, Quick Cleaning and can make smoothies?
    Im in Tefal Soup/Smoothie Heaven! I’m already envisioning Potato & Leek or Pumpkin & Red Lentil soups…and fresh Smoothies to help detox this Spring!

  142. Judith perez says

    Its. A. Must to have. For a working. Woman on the. Move. With fussy kids a 10 years all that his solution of. Meal is. Always. Soup and. Its good. Because that wayi can pu any. Ingredient. And he can eat it without. Prolem. Plus a fussy little. 14 months. Teething that. Is like. A. 4 months. Old. Now just. Soups, and. Smooth. Food plus a indulgence. For. Mum to prepare some healthy smoothies. Or natural jfrappe. Juices

  143. sharron smith says

    I think people forget soup is a meal for those trying to save money or lose weight this machine by itself is magic

  144. Falon downing says

    I love that it’s so versatile and can also be a blender. Anything to cut down clutter is great!

  145. Angela Gardiner says

    I love that this is a soup maker and blender in one! Planning with Kids has great soup and smoothie recipes so it would be wonderful to be able to make both so easily with the one machine. With a 2 year old who has only in the past couple of weeks discovered the yumminess of soup – the quick cooking time and keep warm features are a winner too. If I had the Tefal Soup & Co I would make pumpkin soup like my mum made for my sisters and I when we were younger – though not as quickly!

  146. Leanne D says

    The self cleaning program sounds fantastic, anything to make cleaning easier for sure. Potato and Lentil soup is my favourite homemade soup so this is the one I would love to make in this whizz bang machine.

  147. Andrea Eleveld says

    This is going to be perfect to start doing soup making classes for friends and family. I’m thinking beans and lamb hock to start! Yum!

  148. Philippa C says

    I love the fact that I can spend 25 minutes in the kitchen, instead of my usual hour preparing and making a soup, and yet there are no short cuts – I’m still offering my family something just as wholesome, healthy and appetising. My first Tefal creation would be Moroccan flavoured sweet potato, lamb and leek soup, with mint and spices.

  149. Nicola says

    I love that It crushes ice as well as makes soup, so would be in use all year round! I would make my Nanna’s pea and ham soup, deeeeelish!

  150. Belinda Fletcher says

    I can’t decide it I like the self cleaning function better or the fact it does the job of a few different appliances. Both are important features in my book! I’d love to use this to make my yummy cauliflower and bacon soup.

  151. Stacey Gladman says

    I love that it will cook it while I’m away, and then blend it to perfection – no more kitchen being sprayed with soup!

  152. Chris Francis says

    I love the soup making in next to no time. Very handy as a working parent with kids who want to know whats for dinner the minute they walk in the door and want food quickly. No reason for junk food now. Healthy meals in record time is definitely for me.

  153. Tracey Holland says

    I have always wanted one of these, I LOOOVEEE soup! and my favourite is a lamb and lentil soup, flavoured with garlic and lemon, delish!

  154. Tracey Holland says

    Forgot to mention the feature I like best “Automatically switches to the Keep Warm setting for 40 minutes once cooking has finished”

  155. Carissa M says

    Soup is the only thing that all of my family love, including 2 teens, this is a product quick and easy enough for anyone one of us to throw in some vegies and create their own favorite soup recipe or fruit smoothies for that sweet treat!. And self clean, just those words bring me joy!

  156. Lydia Travers says

    Wow! I had no idea such a wonderful contraption exists! I love the whole idea of it – I cannot believe how convenient and easy it is.

    Nicole, I love this Pumpkin and Quinoa soup you have posted. I am a fan of quinoa – it is a great source of protein. I have had quinoa for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. And now I will also have to try it in soup! :-)

  157. Crystal McFarlane says

    Automatic cleaning program – any less cleaning for me is a blessing!

  158. Jean says

    The self-cleaning feature sounds neat and I’d try Easy Pumpkin soup–maybe with quinoa too.

  159. Vija says

    Soups are a delicious big vitamin pill. For some reason, a bowl seems enough after you have eaten it, but half and hour later or so, you think, “hmmm, I could do with another bowl”. The keep warm up to 40 mins function is this soup lover’s dream.

  160. tracy wedding says

    I love that it Automatically switches to the Keep Warm setting for 40 minutes once cooking has finished because Im renown for forgetting I have things cooking

  161. sarah says

    Would it be inappropriate to declare the ice crushing feature and resulting daiquiri-making capabilities as the the most appealing? Definitely daiquiri soup.

  162. Vivian says

    I love the fact that I can serve my family a nutritious soup for dinner that only took minutes to prepare and cook.

  163. Cheryl says

    I love that you can make the soup chunky or smooth — that’s really great, as it’s nice to have the option depending on what you’re making. And that it keeps warm for 40 minutes. For busy mums that’s a great advantage as I don’t need to have everyone ready to eat as soon as I’ve blended the soup. We love smoothies too so it’s great to be able to use the same machine for that too.
    We love broccoli soup, and I am so glad that my kids will eat a soup that’s full of so much goodness so that would definitely be my first choice of what to make.

  164. Ali says

    Hard to decide between cooks in 25 mins or self cleaning, both sound good to me. As a self employed, Mum of 3 boys, time is something I never have enough of, so I love gadgets and appliances that save me having to stand at the stove for an hour to get dinner on the table. I like the sound of the Chicken Tom Yam for fighting of the cold and flu bugs at this time of year – nothing worse than 3 boys off school with “man flu”.

  165. Lisa Benda says

    The perfect item for busy mums. I think the function that keeps it warm for 40 minutes is the best feature – allows you time to jump over any hurdles the kids throw at you before serving dinner!

  166. Leanne Pattinson says

    Automatic Cleaning Program – Is there anything more to say! But if I have to say something else, I’ll put it next to my slow cooker, my other staple winter appliance.
    Thank You.

  167. ange says

    I’m a huge soup fan. I always love to have a bowl (or more) for lunch during winter, to fill up on, to keep the calories down. I also love how many different vegies you can hide in there and your kids just lap it up! I’m not a big fan of cleaning, so the cleaning program sounds fabulous. And pumpkin soup is my families favourite, so I’d give that a go first.

  168. says

    My favourite feature of the Soup and Co is the healthy feature, in all that you can make soups, smoothies. iceblocks and more. To loose weight, treats for the kids and a meal to make someones elses day easy. O the magic cleaning function just beaut.

  169. says

    I like that it has an ice function. My blender really doesn’t do that well…great for smoothies or maybe cocktails.

    I would love that it cooks and blends so I wouldn’t have so many processes to make my pumpkin soup.