Chocolate Balls With Colour


My children each have a buddy at school, the older ones have a younger buddy and the younger and vice versa. At Easter and Christmas time they like to give a gift to give to their buddies. I prefer where possible if the kids make this gift themselves, hoping to impress upon them that a gift doesn’t have to be expensive or store bought to mean something!

For an Easter gift we made Chocolate Balls, but slightly different to how we usually make them. Instead of just rolling them in coconut, we added some 100’s and 1000 sprinkles to the coconut and rolled them in that. The kids liked the extra bit of colour and they loved the extra crunch when eating them too. You can use any type of sprinkles, so if you were doing a coloured themed birthday party, this would be a great food to make using the right colour sprinkles.

I have posted my recipe for Chocolate Balls previously, so you can see a full list of ingredients and instructions there.

A big thank you to Kate who allowed me to use her fabulous digi scrapping Wingy Spring Things kit to make the lovely paper decoration for the bags for the chocolate balls to go into. I also packaged my food for the cake stall for our school fair in the same way.

The Family Menu Plan For This Week

Baking: Rice Bubble Slice

Monday: Homemade Pasties

Tuesday: Mexibake

Wednesday: Left Overs.

Thursday: Chicken Korma

Friday: Pan Fried Fish With Salad

Saturday: Souvlaki

Sunday: BBQ

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  1. says

    I never would have thought of something so simple as adding the 100s & 1000s, but it makes the chocolate balls look very festive.
    Now a quick question, where did you get the bags that you put them in? Obviously you made the labels for the tops. I need some food-safe bags for stuff I’m making for a mother’s day stall at preschool. I was going to use ziploc bags and make a label for the top.

  2. says

    That’s cute to use sprinkles – with a birthday party coming up soon, I think I will have to borrow your idea.

    I love your packaging. It looks fabulous.

  3. says

    Catherine – I bought these bags from ~Lombards, but I have also seen them at other party supplies stores. They usually come in bundles of 100 or so.

    Liesl – Thanks. I am always on the look out for EASY cute things to make with the kids.