6 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas

Garden Tea Party - Tea Pot
Birthday Party Ideas
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Birthday Party Ideas
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6 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas

In the middle of December we had my daughter’s 6 Year Old Birthday Party and she had decided that she would like to have a garden tea party. Being towards the end of term, we kept it pretty simple and only 8 girls. I won’t go into detail about the planning process I used for the party, as I approach all the kids birthday parties pretty much the same way. If you would like to see how I do this, you can find it in my 10 Point Children’s Party Plan Post.

I have listed other ideas for birthday parties for 6 year olds, which can be found towards the end of the post. Click here to go straight to the list.

Garden Tea Party

My daughter was a flower girl in her uncles wedding earlier this year and she decided that she would like to wear her flower girl dress from the wedding to her garden tea party. So the invitees were also asked if they would like to wear fancy dresses as well.

6 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas

As the children arrive I like to have an individual type activity for them to do as we wait for all the children to get there. This means that if anyone is running late, they don’t miss out on any of the group activities. This year when Possum and I made fabric covered button hair ties, she decided then that she wanted to make them at her party.

6 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas

The party was after school on a Friday night from 4.00pm – 5.30pm. We had a beautiful day, not to hot but the sun shone brightly. After making the hair ties, all the girls went outside to blow and chase bubbles.

6 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas

Thanks to Nana and Pa for letting us raid their lemon tree, so the girls could make lemonade to have with their afternoon tea.

6 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas

Lots of pretty food was served for afternoon tea. The tea cup biscuits as always were a hit, but I cannot take credit for the beautiful little meringues! They were made by a very clever mum from my daughter’s school. As well as the lemonade to drink, the girls also had “rosie” tea (a cranberry, strawberry and raspberry blend.)

6 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas

I melted white chocolate and then served marshmallows, strawberries and raspberries for the girls to dip into it. We used chopsticks to put the fruit on and dip into the chocolate.

6 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas
The girls then had a wonderful time jumping on the trampoline. They all loved the way their dresses moved and swayed as they jumped.

6 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas
My children all prefer ice cream birthday cakes, so to fit it in to the garden tea party theme, I decorated the ice cream cake with rose petals. To do this, firstly I washed and dried the rose petals (patted with towel), then sprayed them with a solution of rose water and water and then sprinkled them generously with caster sugar. I then baked the rose petals in the oven on a low heat until they went crisp. I crushed freckles through the ice cream cake and sprinkled the top of the cake with pink jelly crystals, before I placed the rose petals on top.

6 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas

Possum had a wonderful time and was very thankful for the beautiful gifts that her friends bought her!

6 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas

Here are some other ideas for themes for 6 year year old birthday parties:

Nature Party

  • Requires an outdoor space that you can dig and fossic in etc.
  • Invitees wear garden clothes.
  • Starting activity is planting seeds in a pot that they can take home.
  • Scavenger hunt where the children have to find nature items on a list.
  • Party food is on a picnic blanket with individual lunch boxes.
  • Make mud pies!

Soccer Party

  • Great for larger parties with active kids!
  • Needs a big back yard or can be held in a park.
  • For starting activity have each child draw on a t-shirt (that you provide) with fabric crayons. Iron the design and then each child has their own soccer top! (We had 3 teams on year for a soccer party and I bought 3 different colour t-shirts, so the children knew who were what side.
  • Play round robin games. Side sitting out eats oranges and other snacks.
  • Party food is on a picnic blanket with individual lunch boxes – includes mini hot dogs and mini hamburgers..
  • Penalty goal shoot out against the adults.
  • Treasure hunt and the children have to find the hidden bouncy balls.

Knight and Princess Party

  • For starting activity have each child make a sword or a crown.
  • Lunch is a banquet style medieval feast. Serve chicken wings, chicken drumsticks, chunks of bread, baked potatoes, corn on the cob etc – all food they can eat with their hands.
  • Have a Tug-o-War with different combinations – kids vs adults, kids vs kids.
  • Potion making – an easy but effective one is mixing bicarbonate and vinegar (used for making your own volcano).

Dance Party

  • For the starting activity have the children colour and decorate their own CD cover. This template works for the thin style CD covers. This cover will then be used on the take home disc compilation that you can make for the kids.
  • Musical Statues
  • Musical Chairs
  • Treasure Hunt – looking for glow sticks
  • Party food – homemade pizza slices, homemade scrolls, ice cream spiders and marshmallow lollipops.

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Birthday party ideas

Have you given your 6 year old a themed party? If so I would love to collate some more ideas, so if you could leave your theme and some details in the comments that would be great!


  1. says

    What a beautiful party – everything looks lovely and the girls look like they were having fun on the trampoline.
    I like your idea of a Nature party, I might be using that. 6 y.o. parties are not much on my radar yet, but I have been to a pirate-themed one.
    .-= Catherine´s last blog ..what can we do with chalk? =-.

  2. says

    Wow, I wish I’d been invited to that! :p I really like the idea of making things – at a speech conference once we all made crowns/tiaras (mostly female participants) using kits and wore them to the conference dinner. Cardboard, stickers etc.

  3. says

    Nicole, this is such a beautiful party, well done. I know I have a few party-theme ideas somewhere. I’ll dig them up and pass them on. Congratulations on your 2 year anniversary too.

  4. says

    OH, I feel so bad that we didn’t do a big bash for my daughter’s 5th birthday, nonetheless… she had a Ocean themed 4th birthday. All the kids dressed up as their favourite sea creature – my daughter was Ariel the mermaid.

    Games – Then we played Octopus tiggie/catch, eat kid decorate their own fish attached to a magnet, which we later used to play fishing with paperclip rods I made for them to take home (with their fish). And their take home goodie bag was a some what ‘tackle box’ from those noodle boxes.

    Food wise – we had fish sticks and the usual party pies

    Cake – Bought the base but decorated it with fishy figurines made from icing.

    Hope that’s what you were after :) and Happy New Year!!
    .-= Grace Lee´s last blog ..iProcrastinate =-.

  5. says

    We don’t really do themed parties. For Annie’s 4th birthday I did the only themed party we’ve ever done. Theme was pink. Everyone had to wear a little bit of pink. I purchased old pink clothing from op shops and had it in our dress up box near the front door.

    Also purchased 2L containers of red and white paint and mixed them to make various shades of pink. We had some big old cardboard boxes that I undid. The children then had flat painting surfaces.

    Lots of pink coloured food.

    Filled the lounge room with pink and white helium balloons and pink streamers.

    Heidi’s birthday is on 24th January and it is always so hot. This year we are stealing ice play ideas I’ve found all over the internet so I suppose you could say our theme is water play.

  6. planningqueen says

    Catherine – Thank you! I actually really enjoyed putting it together. Pirates would be a fun theme to work with.

    Fiona – I wish when I was working we had conferences like that!

    Belinda – Look forward to hearing your ideas.

    Steff – I really find that having a theme even as simple as a colour (we are heading to a yellow party tomorrow), actually makes organising a party much easier.

    Grace Lee – Don’t feel bad! We only have a big party every couple of years. This year was Possum’s first year in school so it was great to invite all the girls in her class ( hers is a very boy dominated class). I love the idea of tackle boxes, will tuck that one away for further use.

    Marita – My baby has a January birthday, I can see in a few years I will use your ice/water theme – very cool!!

  7. says

    WOW! Is all I can say!!! I stumbled across your blog by accident and cannot tell you how much I am enjoying it!!! And you are a Melbourne girl as well – woohoo! :) We’ll be having my daughter’s 6th birthday in a few weeks, I was all for doing a very girly princessy party but she opted for bowling instead. So we are going with a retro theme and getting all the kids to come along in dressups. She can’t wait!! :) Warmest wishes, Linda
    .-= Linda´s last blog ..Christmas In January =-.

  8. Debra Lidster says

    My daughter wanted a sleep-over for her 6th birthday. I said ‘no’ but we had a pajama party instead. We had it after school on a Friday night. All the girls wore their pjs. I purchased some inexpensive make-up and nail polish and they did each others make-up and nails. Then we had pizza for dinner followed by a movie and popcorn. It was really fun. I’d love to do it again this year but my daughter wants to do something different.