5 gifts in a jar

This post is part of my 2017 Christmas planning series. Find other posts in the series here.

I love to hand make some of my gifts each Christmas. I do dabble occasionally in craft, but I prefer cooking and I think Christmas is the perfect time to give a food related gift – there are generally so many festive catch ups that they will be eaten.

Here are five easy to make gifts in jars you can give at Christmas.

Roasted almond butter

You could make any type of nut butter, but I adore roasted almond butter. it is super delicious! You do need a food processor / blender / Thermomix to make it though. You can find my recipe here – Roasted Almond Butter.


I actually have two dukkah recipes I make. This first one is a little more involved as you need to roast the hazelnuts first, but this does give it a pretty amazing flavour. You can find my recipe here – Hazelnut Dukkah.

almond and chilli dukkah

The second recipe is much quicker to make and I actually prefer this one – Almond and Chilli Dukkah.


Christmas Teacher's Gifts

If you have friends and family who are tea lovers, you can buy high quality loose leaf tea in bulk, then package it in glass jars with a tea strainer to make a cute gift. You can see where I sourced my tea here.


Kimchi is a traditional fermented Korean side dish made of vegetables with herbs and spices. It is super tasty and not hard to make at all. You just need to make it a week or so in advance, but it lasts for a long time, so you can get making now! You can find my recipe here – Kimchi.

Sweet chilli sauce

This sauce is so yummy! It is gluten free and uses only honey as the sweetener. You can find my recipe here – Sweet Chilli Sauce.

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What do you have plans to make for Christmas gifts this year?