Pikelets For Shrove Tuesday

For those who celebrate it, this Tuesday is Shrove Tuesday. We celebrate this at home with the kids and the children also have a celebration at school. The school celebration is different to when I was at school. We used to make the pancakes at school as a class and then share them. At my children’s school we make the pancakes at home and the children then take the toppings, cutlery etc and then share them at school.

So needless to say that with three children at school, there will be significant amounts of pikelets being cooked at our house over the next few days! The kids prefer the pikelets over the traditional pancakes, and I think they are easier for them to eat in the school environment when they are a bit smaller.

The photo above was from our baby’s 1st birthday. We made pikelets and then used a cookie cutter to make them into star shapes. They were a lot of fun and I kept the excess from the cut outs and the kids ate them later dusted with some icing sugar. You can find the recipe here – Basic Pikelets Recipe

The Family Menu Plan For This Week

Baking: Banana Cake

Monday: Lamb Chops, Potato Au Gratin And Steamed Vegetables

Tuesday: Mexibake

Wednesday: Left Overs.

Thursday: Morrocon Minted Beef

Friday: Home Made Pizzas

Saturday: Tacos

Sunday: Roast Chicken and Vegetables

If you are looking for further recipe inspiration, check out my complete list of Family Friendly Recipes. All of these recipes are in the database of the Planning With Kids Free Menu Planner. You can use the menu planner to plan a week of meals for your family and then print out the associated shopping list.

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