2009 10 Week Christmas Preparation Plan

Christmas Planning

Image by HBuzacott

Seriously as corny as this will sound, when I looked at my post plan and saw that I was to start the 10 week countdown to Christmas, I could not believe that we were that close to Christmas. I actually rechecked my calculations, but it was still 10 weeks to Christmas!

So it begins then – Christmas planning 2009. Last year was the most organised I had ever been for Christmas – having the baby due in January, meant that I had significant motivation not to leave things to the last minute. This year’s 10 week Christmas Plan has some similar tasks as last year, some revised tasks and some different ones. Each Thursday I will post on what I have been up to in this domain.

(10). Choose a theme for Christmas 2009.

(9). Review and Update Christmas budget.

(8). Finish making homemade gifts.

(7). Make Family and Children’s Christmas Cards and purchase Christmas Wrapping.

(6). Christmas present list and start shopping.

(5). Homemade Christmas Decorations.

(4). Toys for giving / find somewhere to volunteer.

(3). Christmas Day Logistics and Menu Planning.

(2). Christmas Cooking (Gifts – Chocolate Sauce and Milky Way Sleighs).

(1). Enjoy the spirit of Christmas.

Have you started planning for Christmas this year?