Christmas Budget 2009

Christmas Budget

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Item 2 on my Christmas Planning Checklist is to update and review the Christmas Budget. As I have been buying materials for the home made gifts, I have been inputting all my expenditure into an excel spreadsheet, which I specifically designed to track spending on Christmas.

It is very easy to spend much more on Christmas than anticipated. Something small here, trinkets there, additional items here and very soon you can lose sight on how much you are spending. I have found that tracking expenditure eliminates part of my tendency to want to occasionally over spend!

We have a set amount that we allocate each year to Christmas. This includes spending on:

  • Presents
  • Food
  • Drink
  • Entertainment
  • Decorations

I also use this spreadhseet as a “Master Plan” for Christmas. It includes individual spreadsheets for:

  • Christmas Planning Checklist
  • Christmas Budget.
  • 2009 Christmas Present List.
  • Previous Year’s Present List (to ensure that I am giving a variety of gifts to people each year).
  • Gift Idea List For The Children (I enter items as I think of it, for myself and for our families who often ask what they can get the children).

If you click on the link below you will be able to download a template of this Christmas Budget Spreadsheet:

2009 Planning With Kids Christmas Master Spreadsheet


  1. says

    I have recently been christmas budgeted by my husband but he gave me a budget of $100 per child which i felt was not nearly enough – so was curious how much people normally spend on their kids at christmas am i being unreasonable?
    Congratulations too on your newspaper article – saw you in the local paper and went i read that blog :)

  2. Ali says

    Hi – just read about you in the local paper and thought I would have a look! I love what you have done and I am hooked already! I have 4 kids of my own (4-12) and life is busy, but planning sure helps! Many of your ideas are ones I have started to do myself (possibly not as well!) but I loved reading what you are doing. Cheers, Ali

  3. says

    Great spreadsheet – I have something very similar and its great because I can check previous years so easily! My rule for Christmas is simplify simplify simplify … I get all Martha Stewart-ish in my head and have to work hard to remember that co-ordinated wrapping and photo perfect trees and place settings don’t matter … mum being happy and truly ‘festive’ does. Planning helps this so much because less stress means more fun!

  4. Meredith_in_Aus says

    Hi there. Great Aussie site.

    Have you checked out ? You can use Julie’s little “calculator” to store uo to 10 budget categories at the POS (ie. as you spend, you just whip it out of the purse and record it – AND it keeps an up-to-date running total). I have been so much better at sticking to my budget since I got it.

    I also keep my Christmas list in my Palm Pilot (including past years’ ones). My Palm is aka my brain. This has worked really well, too.

    I have 7 kids and a few years back found that I couldn’t keep it all in my head anymore!

    Have a great Christmas.