Monthly Review May

Planning With Kids Monthly Review

May Review

It can be quite deflating to have worked flat out all month yet somehow only managed to achieve 2 out the 4 key tasks listed for the month 🙁 .

  1. Create a project plan for my other project.
  2. Completed. I also spent considerable time on this project – to the expense of the other priorities in May.

  3. Teach my 10 year old to cook a basic meal.
  4. Completed. Thinker learnt to cook a dinner of Tacos.

  5. Go out to dinner with my husband.
  6. Still yet to do this. I won’t even bother putting it on the list for next month. Every weekend is already booked up with 40ths, hen’s nights, etc. At least we will have opportunities to go out together without the kids though.

  7. Visit the Art Gallery with the children.
  8. I really want to take the children to see the John Brack exhibition at NGV. I would prefer to take them on a Sunday when the NGV has the ArtCart for kids, but Sundays are being taken up by football from 8.15am until about 2pm at the moment. It is on until August, so hopefully I will find a Sunday before it ends.

Key Tasks For June

  1. Review My Priorities.

  2. In my post about coping with a new baby, I wrote about adjusting your standards. It is time for me to that again. Blogging which I love to do and my other project that I am working can take up most of my weekends. I need to reveiw my priorities and the time lines I have set for them.

    Even if they are only self imposed time lines, I tend to get quite frustrated when I don’t achieve them. Similarly I feel guilty if I don’t incorporate enough excursions and playtime with the kids. I feel that this is out of balance at the moment, so need to re-examine where I am at.

  3. Make it to the gym 3 times a week.

  4. With a little baby and life’s busyness, this has been slipping back to twice a week. I need to make sure that I am still making time to stay fit and healthy.

  5. Audit and restock the pantry.

  6. I am starting run out of the items that I don’t use very often, but are very useful (eg cream of tartar, brown sugar, choc chips etc)

  7. Visit the Art Gallery with the children.

  8. We have long weekend in June, so this may just be our chance to get there!

How did you fare in May? Was it just me or did it slip by way too fast?????