Children’s Book Week 2015 – resources, teachers’ notes and activities for kids

Children's Book Week 2015 640

Each year I collate this list of resources for a selection of books which have made the CBCA short list. It is by far one of the longest posts it takes me to write, but I love doing it as it exposes me to books I may not have discovered otherwise. The resources while often aimed at teachers are … [Read more...]

E-book review: Parenting in a Digital World: Stop fighting, start connecting

parenting in a digital world

Parenting in a Digital World: Stop fighting, start connecting: The E-book is written by Martine Oglethorpe who blogs at The Modern Parent. Martine has a background in secondary education and is a qualified youth and family Counsellor. She is able to combine her professional work and research with … [Read more...]

Book Review – Yes, Your Teen is Crazy!: Loving Your Kid Without Losing Your Mind

Yes, Your Teen is Crazy!

Before I review the book, I firstly want to send a big shout out to Seana Smith who recommended the book to me. Seana is a Sydney based blogger and author who has four kids, two of which are teenagers. If you live in the Sydney area or plan to visit Sydney you really should check out her blog, … [Read more...]