Edible Gifts

Edible Gifts

Each year I like to make some handmade gifts for Christmas and I spend time in July making as many as I can, so I am not overwhelmed by it all when December comes around.

Edible gifts are great for those hard to buy for people and I also like to have a few extras on hand, just in case we need to have a gift in a rush.

This year I am going for the easiest, simplest options possible for handmade gifts! These lolly jars are really just putting them together, so are definitely quick and easy.

You can choose the colour of lollies to fit in with the theme you are using for Christmas, or just go for traditional Christmas colours like red and green.

Lolly Jars – what you will need:
Edible Gifts

  • Small jars – I purchased Mini Glass Apothecary Jar from Sweet Style $2.50 each.
  • Lollies – I purchased Sixlets, white and blue from Sweet Style $11.00 for 500 grams (I would have liked light blue however they were sold out.)
  • Ribbon (I purchased the twine from Inky Co $14.95.)
  • Card to make a tag
  • Seal or other decoration for tag ( I purchased these seals from Inky Co $9.95.)

Tips for putting the lolly jars together:
Obviously it is a simple process of layering the different coloured sixlets in the jars. Make sure you leave plenty of room at the top (close to 1cm) so you can put the lid on easily. The first one I made, I didn’t do this and I crushed quite a few of the chocs, so had to start over again!

These sixlets will last for a year kept in air tight container stored in a cool place. Some of these ones will make their way to people as thank yous etc, but the rest I will keep for Christmas.

Edible Gifts

Edible Gifts

Edible Gifts



Edible Gifts

Edible Gifts

Edible Gifts

Edible Gifts

More Edible Gift Ideas

Over the previous years I have made the following edible gifts listed below. Click on the photo or the link below for further details:


Tea for one

Yo Yo Biscuits Recipe
Yoyo Biscuits
(Well I haven’t made these but my friend Lou has and she kindly shared her amazing recipe on the blog a couple of year ago – thanks Lou!)

Homemade Chocolate Sauce
Chocolate Sauce

Do you have a fave edible gift you like to give at Christmas?


  1. says

    These are such great ideas. I especially love the lollies and tea because they are so easy (love easy) and the chocolate sauce because it’s chocolate.

    For a couple of years my husband and I made limoncello and gave that to friends, and my eldest daughter every year makes home made cookies and packages them up for all her aunts and uncles and grandparents. Handmade edible gifts are the best :)

  2. deanna says

    Sweet!!!These lollie jars look great and delicious too. Making anything from themed shaped biscuits to making our own chocolates with christmas moulds.The simple things that are made remind me that they usually are the most appreciated gifts.

  3. Lisa says

    Great ideas Nicole! I always struggle for ideas to give as homemade gifts. Christmas can get so expensive. I am looking forward to the next few posts for inspiration.

  4. says

    LOVE these!!! I had decided against handmade gifts this year with bubs due late November but something like this I could make ahead could be good! Thanks for the supplier links. Nothing worse than seeing a great idea and not being able to find what they used! :)

  5. says

    My fav edible gift is Biscotti. The last few Christmases we’ve done a big batch around a week before Christmas so we’ve always had gifts on hand.
    I like biscotti because it seems to stay fresh for ages. And it’s dangerously delicious (I eat way too many)

  6. says

    Your pictures and ideas are great, Nicole. I have a foolproof recipe for fudge that i just posted online today …not sure how to add the link here though.


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