Working Out My Weekday Routine

Last week I posted a morning jobs chart for my kids. We had created this to get the kids back into their morning routine now we are back at school. It certainly helped the kids get back on track, but I have found myself still floundering a little with my weekday routine.

You now when you have been super busy for some time and then it is all over, it just seems hard to get going again? I think I have been suffering a little from post busy syndrome! I was so switched on to making every minute count, now I have more time I have been finding it hard to know where to start with getting things done around the house.

Last year I had a plan in my head of what I needed to do each morning as I came in from the school run and it worked really well. So much of the kid’s timetables has changed this year, the routine just doesn’t fit any more. This week I am sharing a routine I have created to help get me back on track, to act as a prompt and get me started with my tasks.

The routine is a very simplified version of what I would do in a day, it doesn’t include my gym sessions, playing, catch ups with friends etc, but just the key household tasks that I would like to achieve each day. You can download a template of the weekday routine here:
Mum’s Weekday Routine

AMPrepare dinnerPrepare dinnerToiletsChild free 2.5 hoursErrands
Kindy Gym
PMReading and Homework HelpSwimmingReading and Homework HelpLaundryPrepare dinner
Football training runReading and Homework HelpDancing and cricket trainingReading and Homework HelpFutsal
LaundryBathroom wipe downPrepare dinner
Laundry (sports uniform)Laundry

What do you do to get yourself into a routine around the home?


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    I’ve just started a new schedule for myself. It’s pretty in depth, yet flexible and so far is working great. My schedule covers everything from meals (like your menu planning), outings, regular activities, me time, chores, play (both with me and independently) for son and a better nightly routine. I’m totally aware that I’ll need to make changes and have already made a few. It’s amazing how much better my days are working and how much more time I have by slipping those necessary things in times I normally would have wasted. I’m planning on doing a little post about it in the coming weeks.

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    This is fantastic, I am struggling to get myself in a routine at home and have been playing around with doing a timetable up … you have inspired me to do so!

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    Nice and sensible. Mine is not that different in that I have my ‘chores’ mapped out around work time and child time. I like to get x done on a Tuesday and Y on a Wednesday. All part of my plan to keep weekends free for fun! x

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    Unfortunately a lot of my stuff seems to have crept into my weekend time at the moment – still floundering a bit with my new routine (and tiredness levels)…but hoping to get a better handle on it – hope this inspires me!
    Luckily for me, of all the jobs that I really like to do, the window is *not* on that list – *never* gets done (unless we’re having a party). So that’s one less thing on my list.
    Also pleased to see you too have laundry on everyday – when I first looked at it I thought it was just on tues…and I sighed because I don’t ever seem to stop doing laundry. But it seems that is universal :-)

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    Looks very do-able. And by that, I don’t mean that you’re not doing much! I just wonder if my new schedule is so detailed that I’m never actually going to stick to it. It could also be because I’ve been running backwards and forwards to school while my boys wait to start full days at Pre-Primary and Kindy. Or because I haven’t allocated enough time for reading great blogs on planning with kids! Thanks for sharing yours :)

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    You are organised! I make a fairly detailed plan for each day, but every now and then, I just throw the laundry up in the air and leave. Movies with a friend or lunch with my hubby puts me back on track. Some days, you just gotta do what you gotta do….

  7. claire says

    i struggle on a daily basis with simple things like going to a doctors appointment ; on the “correct” day- MASSIVE FAIL.. I live in paper clutter, can’t find anything…just want to scream!!!!! p.s. love your blog