Kids Chores – What My Kids Do In The Morning

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So we have been back at school for a few weeks now. Over the holidays we ran to such a different pace and timetable – it was lovely! While the kids have been getting themselves ready for school with no problem, the completion of their usual morning jobs has been hit and miss.

To their defense we did have a big shake up with who does what, with our eldest child heading off to secondary school. So to stop me going crazy and having to remind them to do everything, we made a Kids Chores Chart to stick on the fridge. And it has helped so much!

The chart doesn’t include our eldest as he runs to such a different routine now (a post in itself!) but includes the youngest four – even the two year old!

It also doesn’t document what the kids need to do to get themselves ready each morning. You can find that in this post – Children’s Routines.

9 year old

7 year old

4 year old

2 year old

Take own breakfast dishes to sink.Take own breakfast dishes to sink.Take own breakfast dishes to sink.
Take own breakfast dishes to sink.
Stack dishwasher.Put milk and juice in fridge.Put cereal back in pantry.Help 4 year old with cereal.
Make bed.Make bed.Make bed."Help" mum make bed.
Tidy bedroom.Tidy bedroom.Tidy bedroom."Help" mum tidy bedroom.
Put away clean clothes (if any to do).Put away clean clothes (if any to do).Put away clean clothes (if any to do)."Help" mum put away clean clothes (if any to do).

You can download a template for the kids chores chart below. In the word document chart I have inserted pictures for my 4 year old, as he can’t read just yet and can work out from the image what he needs to do:

Kids Chores Chart – Age Appropriate Example

Do you make your kids do chores in the morning and if so what do you expect for their age – I would love to know!


  1. says

    oh thanks for this! I have to admit I’ve been a bit lax in terms of getting Erin to do a set list of chores, but she’s nearly four so it really is time we help her to understand what goes into keeping a house and what part she plays.

  2. says

    That’s so interesting! My oldest is 3, and we have a haphazard approach to chores. She takes her cups/plates and puts them in the sink or kitchen bench, and I’m trying to introduce a quick room tidy-up every evening before bed. She agrees that she feels good about waking up to a tidy room (but she doesn’t always want to be the one to clean it!). We make a fun game out of sorting the laundry, and because it’s a game it’s better received. I’m going to look into a more consistent approach to chores. Thanks for the template!

    • says

      We do a major clean up of the room early in the evening, so the morning tidy up of the room is only what they have just played with. Glad you liked the template!

  3. Abbington says

    Wow, do your kids do all these task before leaving for school in the morning? Do they have evening tasks for dinner as well?
    We have found the mornings such a rush, that we have generally left the kids chores until the afternoon/evening. A new job this year for our 6 year old is emptying the compost – he likes it, because it doesn’t take very long, and it is a real help for me, because I often put it off when I am in the middle of dinner prep, then don’t feel like doing it once it is dark.
    I also try to get the kids to put away their clothes – to help this I made laminated pictures of their clothing to label their drawers, so they know where to put things.

  4. Wendy says

    I have three kids, 7, 4 & almost 2.
    My almost 2 doesn’t do anything as yet, but my two older children both have a chore chart AND a job chart. They get pocket money for their JOBS but not for CHORES. Chores are things that are life skills that are expected of them and as such have to be done without question.
    The Chore List (We actually call it Our Morning Routine) reads Wash Face, Brush Hair, Have Breakfast. Get Dressed, Brush Teeth, Make Bed.
    Our Afternoon Routine reads Unpack School Bag, Change out of Uniform, Clean Shoes, Have Afternoon Tea, Do Homework.
    The 7 year olds JOBS are to do the following when neccessary or when asked: Unpack the Dishwasher, Take the Washing of the Line, Peel the Vegetables, Take Rubbish Outl
    The 4 year olds JOB is to take the Recycling Out every day.
    Both kids also clear the table and put their own washing away after I have folded it.
    As far as I’m concerned it’s a team effort and the quicker we get everything done the more free time I have to spend time playing with them!

  5. says

    we’re struggling to get our 4yo to help with anything, so looking into introducing a rewards chart for her. the 9yo has jobs and chores – jobs earn pocket money, current job is washing plastics (storage boxes, plastic cups, mixing bowls etc) each weekend; chores are rubbish bins, dishwasher, sorting clean washing/folding towels, and helping tidy living areas. our 12yo is only here for access visits fortnightly, she vacuums upstairs and down for pocket money and helps with the chores as requested (I don’t get into making beds/cleaning bed rooms/putting away clothes, learning to pick my battles with the big ones)

  6. says

    I would be interested to know if your 4 year old is on the 4.5 – 5 side of being 4. I find at this age there is a drop in willingness to help. I have been working very hard with my 4.75 year old to get him to pack up after himself. I think it is a stage thing, that you just have to work through with consistency.

  7. says

    Oh holy cow – I just assumed that the eldest was thinker, but of course it’s rascal (same age as snowbear)…where does the time go!!

    I also have another chart up with their school timetable so they can make sure they have all the incidentals they need for that specific day (sports kit, library bag etc) – I have made one trip up to school already this year, but it was stressed that that would not be happening again!!


  8. says

    Get them started early I say! My five year old is on track but this is a good reminder that I should get moving with the four year old. No bed making going on there! With twin two year olds, there is only so much ‘helping’ a Mum can stand…

  9. Rae says

    We get complimented on our kids pitching in with simple things like taking their dishes to the sink. It’s great to see it’s not just us that do it – started to think we were in the minority!
    Great list. Will use it in part for ourselves – thanks!

  10. says

    Charts are a great idea for kids of all ages and have worked really well in our family. This last week they have even been ready up to 45 minutes early so had plenty of time to do their own thing which with weather still warm has meant they have been playing outside and I can get ready in relative peace! I have even found that for the little ones that can’t read a couple of simple pictures that represent their couple of little chores helps them to feel part of the action. Martine