Christmas theme ideas 2022

Christmas theme ideas 2022

Christmas theme ideas 2022

This post is part of my Christmas planning series. You can find the rest of the series here.

Here are my Christmas theme ideas collection for 2022. Christmas themes can be a great way to help you plan our your Christmas:

  • It aides decision making process, in relation to things like cards, decorations, wrappings etc
  • It helps simplify what Christmas accessories you will go with
  • It allows for simple and coordinated look for Christmas celebrations
  • It adds to the memory – it was the gold Christmas etc!!!

The intent of curating these theme ideas is not to get you out to the shops buying more stuff but to give you ideas of what you can do with what you already have. You might not use a theme idea in its entirety but use the table setting idea from one and the wreath idea from another for example – it is really an inspiration board style post.

We are going with a pink and red Christmas theme this year. We already have a pink Christmas tree and red decorations so one large part of it is all sorted!

I have been curating Christmas theme ideas for many years now so have a big archive of ideas if you find these themes don’t resonate with you. You can find previous years’ Christmas theme ideas here:

Pantone Colour of the Year – Very Peri Christmas Theme Idea 2022

Very Peri was the Pantone colour of the year for 2022 and you can see how they described the colour below – a beautiful sentiment.

Displaying a carefree confidence and a daring curiosity that animates our creative spirit, inquisitive and intriguing PANTONE 17-3938 Very Peri helps us to embrace this altered landscape of possibilities, opening us up to a new vision as we rewrite our lives. Rekindling gratitude for some of the qualities that blue represents complemented by a new perspective that resonates today, PANTONE 17-3938 Very Peri places the future ahead in a new light.

Christmas theme ideas 2022 - pantone colour of the year

Lavender Bouquets – if you have your own lavender bush you could make these gorgeous little bouquets yourself or you can buy them on Etsy here.

Christmas theme ideas 2022 - candles

Handmade soy taper candles – these taper style candles are right on trend at the moment and they come in a beautiful set of 3.

christmas paper lanterns
Photo from Boho Weddings

Paper lanterns – can make a great addition if you have high ceilings or you can hang them between trees if you are having Christmas lunch outside.

Table setting – I love this clever use of glass and dinnerware to create a beautiful and simple Christmas table setting.

Australian Christmas Theme Idea 2022

australian christmas wreath

Australian Christmas Wreath – this beautiful wreath is made from artificial leaves and flowers but of course you could make one yourself from Australian trees and bushes that you have access to near you.

australian christmas decorations

Australian Animals Christmas Decorations – these super cute decorations are made from felt and wool and are handmade in Australia.

australiaa christmas name tags

Eucalyptus Leaves Christmas Decorations – these beautiful leaves can be used as a decoration on your Christmas tree, add them to gifts or scatter them on the table as decor. These multipurpose decorations are in the shape of Eucalyptus leaves and also have a whole in the stem for adding a string. There is a score line running down the middle of the leaves so that you can fold the leaves to create a realistic look.

australian christmas table setting idea

Eclectic Creative has a gorgeous post showcasing the Australian themed table setting she created one year for Christmas. It has so many beautiful little touches that don’t require purchasing anything new like handmade biscuits and leaf place cards.

australian christmas garland decoration idea

Eucalyptus garland – you can find a great DIY tutorial on how to make this beautiful garland from native flora here on Homey Oh My.

Nativity Christmas Theme Idea 2022

Christmas theme ideas 2022 nativity

Nativity block set – this nativity set is handmade in Yeppoon, Queensland and doubles as a play activity for the kids as well as a very cute Christmas decoration.

how to make christmas stars

DIY Paper Star Christmas Ornaments – this is a great Youtube tutorial on how you can make your own stars. You need square paper to make them but it can be any size and it can be a great way to repurpose any paper you have in the home.

nativity advent calendar

Nativity advent calendar – you can purchase this from a small business based in Tasmania. They actually stock a whole range of non chocolate advent calendars.

nativity wall hanging DIY

Papercut nativity scene wall hanging – the instructions for this cute DIY Christmas decoration are behind a pay wall but you can get a great idea of how to put it together from the beautiful photos on the blog.

nativity candle setting

Nativity candle setting – this simple candle set will make a beautiful table decoration for Christmas Day.

Do you choose Christmas theme for the year?

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