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this family life episode 49: on setting a goal – it is never too late!

Well after quite a long break, this family life podcast is back! I have had the episodes recorded for some time and am super excited to be finally publishing them.

This season will be a mix of episodes with just me and with other parents. A number of the episodes for this season will be updates of posts from the blog I wrote many years ago. I will be sharing the content from the post and sharing more info from the experience I have gathered in the subsequent years since I wrote them.

If you listen do let me know what you think! I would love to hear from you.

While we may be half way through the year, it is never too late to set a goal. In this episode I share:

  • why setting a goal is important
  • the difference setting a single goal can make to what you achieve
  • why focusing on a goal for you is not selfish, but will help the rest of the family

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