10 low cost school holiday activities you can do at home

Having an arsenal of fun, low cost activities for the kids up my sleeve is incredibly helpful to help make school holidays a fun time for everyone. Here are 10 simple activities that will keep the kids entertained:

Camping In The Back Yard

Camping in the back yard.
Fruit Juice Ice Blocks

Making fruit juice ice blocks.
Cotton Ball and Straw Soccer

Cotton Ball and Straw Soccer - instructions can be found here.
Fly Swat and Balloon

Fly swat and balloon fun - for how to play and more balloo games check out this post
Science Experiments

Check out The Experimentals for fab ideas for simple science experiments.

Hammering - clouts (type of nails) are great for preschoolers to use.
Car ramps

Create car ramps from planks and cardboard - read more here.
Make Scones

Make scones for afternoon tea - kid friendly recipe here.
Side Walk Chalk - Make Tracks

Side walk chalk - draw tracks, colour the path, play hangman etc.
Construction - Using Hot Glue Gun

Construction - build creations out of wood and recycled materials using a hot glue gun. You can read more about it here.

What activities do your kids like to do at home