Recycled Creations

Reverse Art Truck

I have talked about the fabulous Reverse Art Truck before on the blog (here and here). I love the idea of the kids using their imagination to make creations out of recycled materials.

If you live in Melbourne it is worth the trip to visit Reverse Art Truck in Ringwood. Last time we went, it was on request of the preschooler. He is at that stage where he loves to build, create and tinker. I have found by providing him with a wide range of recycled materials, he comes up with amazing creations.

Going To Reverse Art Truck

Reverse Art Truck

Reverse Art Truck


Reverse Art Truck - So much to choose from!

Reverse Art Truck

Reverse Art Truck - And some of these!

Reverse Art Truck

Our loot from Reverse Art Truck = $30

Using Our Imagination To Create

When we have a big box of recycled materials like this, we tend to have long sessions where the kids will explore, imagine and create. The house becomes a bit like a modern art gallery with all sorts of constructions about the place, but it is wonderful to see them become inspired from what they have.

Recycled Creations

Recycled Creations - Using the glue gun

Recycled Creations

Recycled Creations - The Ramp!

Recycled Creations

The complex creation from the older boys.

What materials do your kids like creating with?

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  1. says

    We have our own version in Sydney called Reverse Garbage. It is like heaven for a preschool teacher and a mum to young boys. I get ridiculously excited every time I walk in the door!

    • says

      If you are going in the holidays, let me know. I think we may have to make a trip out there as well :)

      Bookmarking the link now so I don’t forget. Crafting is FINALLY making a return to our house (all I had to do was stop nagging!) and this might be the inspiration needed for some exciting new works :)

  2. says

    Fabulous! I love recycled art, I used to do it often in the classroom and was always amazed at the ways kids could use different items for so many things…they were so much more inventive than me!

    If anyone is interested in Perth, we have Remida in Carine, it sounds similar…

    I just have just started what I hope will become a regular post on re-purposing over at our blog….I call it Broken By The Boys – I have been collecting broken, discarded items around the house and the challenge for the boys and I is to stop the item ending up as rubbish by finding a new use for it…

    Check it out if you have time and are interested!

  3. says

    This is such a great idea!! We will have to make a day trip out there in the holidays!!! My kiddos loooooove making endless creations…and I think the car ramps looks perfect!

  4. Kirsten says

    What a fantastic place, I had no idea it existed. Well worth the long drive for us.

    What I’d like to know is what do you do with the masterpieces after the kids have had finished creating? Same with art from kinder. I feel too guilty throwing out things that my daughter is so proud of making (even if they are never looked at again) and they are just so darn prolific! We live in a small house and we can’t keep everything!

  5. says

    Fantastic, I have never heard of a reverse art truck. What an amazing idea! I always try and keep cardboard tubes and other bits and pieces to re-use in crafts and building, it’s cheap and fun and reduces waste :)


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