Eating, Emailing and Earning It, Amongst Other Things

It has been a while since I have written a post with a collection of links with posts that I have enjoyed.  Some of these I have shared across my social media networks – facebook, twitter and Pinterest.

Up until recently my main source of info for finding these posts was my trusty Google Reader.  But in a matter of days Google Reader will be no more.  I now use a feed reader called Feedly which I am getting used to and starting to enjoy.  Changing systems can take time to adjust!  So if you read Planning With Kids via Google Reader you will need to either sign up to my email subscription or find another RSS aggregator .

But enough of the techno talk – what have I been reading????

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The truth about dreams

An incredibly short post from Steve Sammartino, but so spot on:

The simple truth is that dreams either get worked on arduously to become a reality, or they remain a pure fantasy.

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Your first bite determines everything

This post on The Path to Wellness made me think quite a bit about what I was putting in my mouth first thing each day. Breakfast is now either a smoothie or eggs.
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Parents must learn dangers of speeding at home

And as I noted on my Facebook page, this doesn’t mean driving in the car! It is an news article featuring Dr Wendy Mogel who is the author of The Blessing of a Skinned Knee and The Blessing of a B Minus. While she is referring to American kids in these quotes, I have a feeling the same could be said her in Australia:

The Los Angeles child psychologist and best-selling author says this modern, middle-class form of parenting is so out of control many of today’s teenagers resemble ‘‘teacups’’ and ‘‘crispies’’ by the time they get to university.

“The teacups are so fragile that they get their first bad grade, they don’t like the professor and they just fall apart,’’ Mogel said.

’‘And the ‘crispies’ are so burned out from the academic load they’ve been carrying since they were in pre-school that they’ve lost their intrinsic pleasure in learning, they don’t challenge the professor and they don’t take intellectual risks.’‘

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Why emailing gives you a (false) sense of progress

This article came at a pertinent time for me, in the middle of the 21 Challenge and blogging daily. I had much less time to work on other things and I did let my email inbox go a bit (if you have emailed recently I will get back to you – just working slowly through the back log!).

It is a great article and worth a read if you struggle with your inbox:

First, people have a really bad habit of coming in and checking e-mail first thing in the morning. And for many people, the morning is the most productive time. E-mail is very, very tempting, so they basically sacrifice their productive time for e-mail.

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Earn It

If you want a kick in the pants to get you going and start making changes to your health then this is the post to read!

A healthy life isn’t redistributed from those who have one to those who don’t.

A healthy life must be earned.

I’m going to tell you why that is the greatest freaking thing in the entire world.

And when you come to this conclusion, the conclusion that you don’t need somebody else’s permission to get healthy, that you don’t need to buy some magic bullet, you suddenly realize that there’s nothing stopping you from getting started other than yourself.

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What have you been reading? Feel free to share links below.