How To Salvage A Dropped Cake

I was undertaking the standard mid week bake for the school lunches, when in a moment of complete clumsiness I dropped the chocolate cake heavily on the bench when I was turning it out to cool on a rack.

Dropped cake
To say I was a little sad was an understatement! I couldn’t bare the thought of wasting it. The kids would happily eat it off a plate, but how could I send it to school in this condition? Well I remembered the fab guest post Bron from Bronnie Bakes wrote for this very blog earlier this year on How To Make Cake Pops For Beginners.

In the tutorial Bron shares a great tip on how you can actually use Tim Tams if you don’t have left over cake. I had plenty of left over cake, so my daughter and I set about turning them into cake shapes that could go into the lunch boxes.

Dropped cake
We weighed the cake – we had 630 grams of chocolate cake.

Dropped cake
We put it in the food processor with 180 grams of cream cheese and pulsed until the mixture was combined well.

Dropped cake  - shapes
Next we grabbed handfuls of the mixture, squeezed it together in our hands and then flattened it our on a sheet of baking paper. We then used our chosen cookie cutter to make our cake shape!

Dropped cake  - shapes
Then it was into the fridge to set for 30 minutes. If we were to turn them into cake pops, we could have followed the rest of Bron’s instructions here, but as a treat for the lunch boxes, they cake shapes were okay just as they were.

cake shapes 500
In the end it wasn’t such a disaster after all. My daughter and I had fun making them, I know how I can easily make cake pops next time I want to and the kids loved them!

Have you turned a kitchen disaster into something else that worked?

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