Acceptance – May 2012 Goal Review

Some of my expectations for this year have just not turned out at all the way I imagined. The biggest on being I imagined I would have more time to blog, now that I only have one little one at home and he attends kinder a couple of times a week.

I spoke briefly about it in my post on Family Life – New Challenges, but bascially this is how this year has panned out in terms of time for blogging (my work):

  • I had thought this year with the 3 year old in kinder, I could make that my “work time” and have more nights off the computer. What I have found is some days I need to use some of this time to prepare the evening meal and getting things organised so I have time to help everyone after school.
  • On nights when I do work, it is genenarlly closer to 9pm after I have helped everyone as needed before I get onto the computer.
  • Weekends now are much busier. Mr I is back playing local footy and the older boys run boundary and scoreboard etc for the Reserves and Seniors, so they are all out off to footy by about 11.00am – after we have already fitted in two soccer games in completely different locations.
  • The gap between the Sunday games of footy have widened, so we may have one at 11am and then another at 3pm.

With these changes I have struggled to keep my normal blogging rhythm and I have found it a little stressful. While knowing logically this is our new commitment structure and knowing I am happy for everyone to be doing these things, I was still trying to hold onto my old work plan.


Weekend after weekend was going by and I was not getting even a half the time I had been previously. Unable to meet plan = frustrated me.

When I was putting together my slides for the Time Management webinar (you can see them here) I realised the plan was causing me much unhappiness. It was not possible to meet it and it needed to change. I needed to accept the changes that were going on in our family life and restructure my work around it. One of the fabulous things about blogging and working online is you do have lots of flexibility.

The quote above from George Orwell is so very true! While acceptance hasn’t helped me magic some more hours, it has given me calm. And calm is good!

My New Work Plan

Work Plan
So my new work plan looks like the above. Mr I will most likely laugh hysterically when he sees my finish time of 10.15pm, because I am notorious for working late. I do however want to change that and want to have some wind down time before bed. This will be a big challenge for me.

So from the new work plan, I need to reset my expectations about what I can achieve each day, each week and each month. I will need to set longer completion dates and look to prune off activities online that are not essential or showing a return for the time I am investing.

You can download word document template of my work plan here – My Weekly Plan 2012.

Personal Goals – May Review

Key Tasks For MayReview May Activity
1. - BlogFix outstanding issues with design and update the blog menu planner.The sign up on the planner is still not working and I have admitted defeat - I cannot fix it. I am looking for someone online to fix the problem for me.
2. - FamilyWe have found a lovely park to take our dog Lucas to where he can run off the lead and play with other dogs. The kids adore it and I want to make sure we get there at least once a week.We made it 3 out of 4 weeks. But after two weeks in a row with the dog throwing up in the car, I couldn't do it last week!

I need to find a way to fit it in our week, when we can drive straight home (as opposed to pick up from footy training etc), so the poor thing doesn't suffer travel sickness.
3. - PartnerGet along to see Mr I play at least once this month.I am yet to see a whole game but I have seen snippets.

Now I am accepting there will be no work on Saturdays, I am sure we will get along to more games.
4. - MeTry two new low carb evening meal recipes.I only tried one, which was a roast quinoa and vegetable curry. I liked it but the kids just wouldn't eat it.

More research for me to do on this one.

Personal Goals – Key Task For June

Goals for 2012Key Tasks For June
1. - BlogComplete make over of blog.Find someone to fix menu planner issue.

Update menu planner recipes.
2. - FamilyFamily active time.Combo of time at the off leash park and at Mr I's football to get us out and active together.
3. - PartnerDoing more things together.Go out to dinner.
4. - MeChange the way I eat - more balanced (less carbs).Try two new low carb evening meal recipes - going to aim for this again.

How do you find saying no to others? What tips could you share for doing it politely?