Can You Help Me With My Biggest Struggles?


In the survey in December I asked you to tell me what was currently your biggest struggle with family life. The range of struggles was vast and I have factored these issues into my content plan to cover many of these topics this year. Some of which I have already done like the issue of balance.

Today I thought I would share what my biggest struggles are – and they are all about training!

Toilet Training

The youngest one has been “toilet trained” since September. Problem is, it is only for number 1s. He takes himself to the toilet and I don’t have to worry about number 1s at all. He doesn’t wear nappies anymore – not even for day or night time sleeps, but we have big problems when it comes to number 2s.

Basically he never goes to the toilet for this. He will take himself off somewhere I can’t see him, squat down and do it there. I have tried a 1000 things to get him to go on the toilet – none of which has worked.

I would love suggestions on how we might move past this stage, as I am a little bit over it!

Puppy Training

I love our puppy Lucas, but he is driving me a little crazy with some of his antics. He is pretty much an inside dog and this is causing me two key problems:

  1. When I show after the gym in the mornings, he frequently comes in and takes my gym clothes and runs outside with them. I know I could put them up and that would stop that, but he will often pick up any stray item of clothing that is lying around and tear out of the house with it.
  2. He climbs up onto the dining table. I can clear the table straight after dinner, let him back inside (we feed him his dinner outside at that time) and turn around five minutes later and he is on top of the dining table sniffing around.

If you have any ideas on the best way to train him out of these habits I would love to hear it. (Special thanks to Jeremy who when I was discussing the problem with him, suggested I use the knowledge of my readers to work out a solution!)

Any training causing you grief at the moment?